Dying Was Strange! | Near Death Experience | NDE

Dying Was Strange! | Near Death Experience | NDE

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Daniel Giroux​ talks about his NDE (Near Death Experience) and what it felt like to die, see the other side, come back and the bizarre abilities he experienced later on. A Near-Death Experience or NDE is when anyone dies and will come back to life. A Near Death Experience (NDE) is one thing that a person under no circumstances forgets and changes them endlessly.

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  1. The "void" he talks about is what the Gnostics call the "dazzling darkness". It is a space of complete isolation in which only "you" exist. It is both infinite and infinitesimal. It is a dimensionless "space" meant for you to pause before moving on in your infinite journey. It is also accessible to all of us. We don't have to "die" in order to benefit from it.

  2. I love these stories when there is no hell or some sky wizard that judges you and cares if you are gay or straight. That stuff is so foolish. This experience is the God that I believe in. Organized religion is manmade nonsense. Spirituality and love is real.

  3. I experienced the black void and I didn't have a body , I was confused and I remember SLAMMING hard back into my body from the left side.. I was hit with the defribular 7 times.. I've longed to remember ANYTHING about my experience on the other side.. but I can only remember the black void and being able to see behind me without having to turn around and thinking how did I get here and whats going on?

  4. Uhhhhh. hahahah Seriously? A huge tree hits his head? Correct? He is 50% balding w/ very short hair? Correct? He does not point out any scar from the wound that was "oozing" blood? Correct? Uhhh finally, head cuts are notorious for GUSHING blood. I have never heard any person say "'the cut on my head was oozing blood.' Show me the scar. Show me a photo of the injury (his skull should have been caved in).

  5. Well I got to tell you I was in 120 ft tree taking it down that's what I did for a living God damn trees and I went septic up in the tree I had an infection in my finger two weeks prior and I banged my finger on the pulley and Jose on the ground was taking pictures of me up in the tree when I got out of the hospital 3 weeks later well first when I went to the hospital two days later the surgeon said I had Angels follow me around because I should have been dead in the tree because the septic line in my right hand went up my arm past my artery it should have went right into my heart and killed me instantly this was before I was saved God's been watching over me all my life since 10 years old so when I got into the hospital the surgeon said you're either going to die today lose your arm or have marrow poisoning for the rest of your life I've never seen this in my life you should have been dead up in the tree in 40 years time everybody that this happened to they died but the Lord was holding me keeping me alive because he knows I got a big mouth now I'm just kidding cuz he has plans for people like me and you and we need to bring souls to Jesus and Nazareth so anyway when I got out of the hospital 3 weeks later I was fine no problems and I called Jose up I told him to send me the pictures before and after while he sent me the picture and in the clouds is a silhouette of my face and all the dogs in my life and my dog that I didn't have yet that I got 7 years later I still have the picture to this day and I already shown about 5 or 7,000 people the picture it's part of my testimony so if they don't believe in Jesus I show him that picture and it blows them away