Dr Bernardo Kastrup Introduces you to the Spring Symposium

Dr Bernardo Kastrup Introduces you to the Spring Symposium

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IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) group with a mission to progress an being familiar with of near-death and linked experiences as a result of research, training, and support. We envision a long term in which all folks embrace near-death and related experiences as a source of that means and inspiration for a greater globe. We believe a near-death experience can renovate an individual’s existence, impact the sciences, and embolden culture. The International Association for Near-Death Reports, (IANDS) engages in significantly far more than research currently. IANDS has associates from close to the planet. We invite you to take into consideration getting to be a member of IANDS. To discover much more about near-death experiences, go to iands.org.

✨ Sign up for the International Association for Near-Death Experiments (IANDS): https://iands.org
✨ IANDS online gatherings, groups and more: https://isgo.iands.org
✨ The upcoming IANDS Meeting is Sept 2-5, 2022 in Salt Lake Metropolis, UT
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What is a NDE or Near-Death Experience?
A near-death experience (NDE) is usually a profound, life modifying, intensely psychological experience that ordinarily happens for the duration of a clinical disaster and has frequent characteristics and aftereffects. It is not a dream, hallucination, or mental health issues (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to detect who will have an NDE. They materialize to folks of all ages, religions, socio-economic teams, cultures, academic backgrounds, and belief techniques. They take place underneath a selection of circumstances these types of as accidents, around-drownings, illnesses, beat, surgical techniques, and childbirth. Adhering to an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) frequently display screen some prevalent aftereffects. Research has proven a set of frequent NDE features and prolonged-time period aftereffects. Common theories applied to explain near-death experiences have been demonstrated insufficient by NDE researchers and others.

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  1. I would like to see IANDS to expand their research and address MORE of the Life After Death narrative. I haven't heard anyone 'ever' (correct me if I'm wrong, please.) address the Paranormal side. It's real, it's happening and it's all part of the human experience humanity has with life after death. Reincarnation and Mediumship is discussed, but not the paranormal.
    This needs to be addressed to understand the full spectrum of life and life after death. Please don't let the FEAR of addressing the paranormal scare off the Science part of these experiences. Thanks, IANDS.