Doug Scott – The Law of One: A Cosmic Perspective of the Perennial Philosophy – BatGap Interview

Doug Scott – The Law of One: A Cosmic Perspective of the Perennial Philosophy – BatGap Interview

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Doug Scott, LCSW, will work as a mental health and fitness counselor in his non-public follow in Dallas, Texas.  After graduating from college or university in 1997, he served as an intercontinental volunteer for two a long time in Bluefields, Nicaragua. This intensive experience altered his life and he returned to the US to pursue graduate reports in scientific social get the job done and pastoral ministry at Boston College. The nexus of spirituality and psychology have always intrigued Doug considering the fact that childhood and he provides this sensibility to his counseling observe.

Doug grew up Catholic and was generally drawn to the mystical lineage inside this perception process.  He had experiences with Jesus, Mary, and angels at an early age. He was also secretly captivated to all points paranormal and would commit many hrs reading matters these as reincarnation, ufology, OBE’s, NDE’s, ghosts, ESP, pyramids, and other places.

One night in 2013, he felt a existence that invited him to pay attention to a Buddhist chant, which arrived as a surprise considering the fact that, at that time, he experienced not explored other faith systems. He was guided to hear to Om Mani Padme Hum and as the chant unfolded, Doug noticed a golden dew overshadow him and activate him in a way that was new.  This marked the next chapter in Doug’s existence.

A handful of months later, Doug was led to the Regulation of One materials and straight away noticed that it supplied the clearest, most undistorted, exploration of the Perennial Philosophy that he’d ever appear throughout. It also cast a huge internet to contain all of the paranormal issues that intrigued him and produced it feasible for him to put all of the unique threads in his everyday living collectively in one particular seamless garment.

Since 2015, Doug has published a blog (cosmicchrist.internet) that explores the synthesis of the Law of One substance with mystical Christianity and psychology.  He sees his vocation in this lifetime as a bridge-builder between regular ideas and cosmic metaphysics to aid men and women who request clarity, normalization, and validation for their own journeys.

Key details mentioned:

• Tapping into the imaginal realms, the delicate realms, through the “heart-eyes.”
• The chakras of the Logos, God, are densities. Densities are various bandwidths of consciousness.
• Character of the Infinite Creator as sentient Like, or Logos.
• Diversification within the Holographic Universe makes it possible for the Infinite Creator to experience By itself, infinitely.
• Christianity’s will need to shift into the mystical and nondual
• Consciousness is calculated via levels of understanding we are one with all, with God, and are God encountering creation.
• Temporary descriptions of God’s chakras (“densities”).
• Pantheism AND Panentheism are both of those genuine
• 3rd density’s veil-of-forgetting sales opportunities to progress of faith, notions these kinds of as “Original Sin,” and far more intensive experiences for third-density individuals.
• The novel notion of “finity” from the backdrop of infinity is a way for the Infinite Creator to experience Itself.
• Many men and women have incarnated to be midwifes to assist birth Earth’s 4th density.
• Change into 4th density is a gradual approach that includes an at any time-raising selection of of 3rd–4th densities double-bodied men and women.
• Some of Doug’s qualifications: 1) dual-master’s system at Boston Faculty in clinical social perform and pastoral ministry, 2) childhood UFO face, 3) alcoholic beverages recovery leads to increased self-perception, 4) mystical experience in 2013 of Om Mani Padme Hum and the golden dew, 5) Regulation of 1 content ( and Daskalos product (
• Temporary description of Wanderers: humble servants from 4th, 5th, or 6th density who incarnate in 3rd density to aid
• Jesus as a Wanderer experienced a exclusive mission acknowledged as the Jesus Function
• The best services as an awakening currently being is to embrace the entire plenum of God disguised as our lifetime and regular things. Almost nothing “up there” that is not totally current “down below.”
• Triune character of the Infinite Creator: Transcendent to all things, Incarnated as all factors, Indwelling within all points
• Reality is “cruciform” in that each factor of the manifested universe follows the eternal pattern of death and resurrection. The image of the cross or ankh is the terrific archetypal image that captures this cruciform actuality
• Studying how to stay in liminal area is mark of spiritual and psychological maturity
• Providing our suffering as a sacrifice in solidarity with all many others enduring suffering is a wonderful gesture of like and serves the collective.
• Understanding about social inequities, participating in social justice, and supporting to empower marginalized teams will help to activate the fourth density.
• Spiral Dynamics can assist us fully grasp the different ranges of consciousness.
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