Diane Corcoran – Military Near-Death Experiences

Diane Corcoran – Military Near-Death Experiences

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Diane Corcoran, RN, PhD, Col. US Army (ret.) leads a discussion of near-death experiences in the military, including several veterans who report their NDEs. Discussion includes problems with responses to NDEs by VA and military physicians.

For more information on near-death experiences, visit http://iands.org
For information about IANDS conferences, visit http://conference.iands.org

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  1. I can’t for the life of me understand why any people would be so proud of fighting in a war— it seems so counter-intuitive to me that messages of unconditional love are given, and in the same moment war is spoken of, in such a matter-of-fact way. Perhaps it’s me who needs to love unconditionally. What am I missing here? Can anybody help?

  2. The last guy was funny. I wonder how he got his arm back? It fell off, he says. Can they just stitch an arm back on? That's incredible! It's amazing how he can make such a horrifying experience kind of sound funny. He's got comedic talent. Thank you for the stories!

  3. Nice one ! 🙂 Guys , thank you for sharing your stories! 🙂 Now , for those who are expressing some kind of judgement seemingly towards persons here or their story : just know that judgement is in you and you are heavier for as much as you carry . Nothing wrong with it – it's just harder to move freely through life . Just to calibrate the difference – you might want to let go of it for a moment or two . Just like if you are driving a car with one foot on the gas and the other one on the break – nothing wrong with it , but you might want to step of the break and see if your ride becomes more enjoyable . ( by the way , if it wasn't for this woman ,you probably wouldn't have these people talking here ..and the forward function is literally at the tip of your finger 🙂 🙂 🙂 How about praising that 🙂 🙂 🙂 All the best ! 🙂

  4. Most NDEs are NOT religious.  As a scientist, I searched for EVIDENCE toward
    the meaning of life and now have found it!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaOgXbrKlR18wO7HnEogf2uugRhS5LXOM It caught me by complete surprise! Take a look at my Playlist of 150
    different people telling how they"died" (temporarily) and were then
    revived. They tell us the similar, amazing, wonderful things that happened to
    them while they were dead! The 150 short videos in this playlist give strong
    evidence that your life will continue after death. Belief in life after death
    is not yet supported by science and is not obvious to a thinking person. We
    have not discovered any other life in the universe. The vast blackness of space
    appears cold and forbidding. We grow old and helpless as life slips from our
    grasp, but these NDEs give us REAL EVIDENCE that our lives will go on. After
    watching all of these, I have lost my fear of death and gained confidence that
    life after death is real and wonderful! THEY ALSO GIVE YOU THE MEANING OF LIFE

  5. These people experience 'love' and 'oneness', yet they still glorify war and killing in the name of pseudo and sophomoric patriotism. Shame on all who worship and glorify the military, NONE of them "keep you safe" or "free". Grow up.

  6. I do not care for that word 'god'. As it's just a WORD, in our human 3D world, Words are symbols of concepts. To ME, I am 'God' ! Meaning that the WORD 'god' is more of a Metaphor of YOURSELF, who YOU are and what you 'See'. People use the turm or WORD 'god' because that is what they were TAUGHT. If that WORD never existed….what or WHO controls YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS? YOU! How many 'religions' exist? Why don't you Believe in Yourself?

    I don't understand that guy in the video in the beginning who added his video of info….I've seen his story years back…but just can't comprehend WHY he's proud to be the governments bitch to KILL LIFE. But you 'learned' something? Do what you want couse the 'magic man in the sky' loves you no matter what so it's ok to be a fuck up (hurt others) ?

  7. Thank you for sharing. My late grandfather was from Savannah too, stationed at Hunter Field 1940-1980 8TH AF B-17 Crew in 1942 with General Dwight Eisenhower during N Africa and Italy landings with IKE. Retired in 1980. My son was fifteen at the time when Grandfather passed in 2005 age 87 a month later that would of been his 88th Birthday he came to my son in our living room, letting him know he was alright and lived on in the afterlife.

  8. Any room for heaven and hell in your talks? Yes, hell is real. Some people who have had NDEs see hell. Do you welcome those people's stories? It's not all puppies and roses for everyone after they die. Unless you include those two realities – heaven and hell, its all about your beliefs and your agenda coloring everything. Yes, God loves everyone, and He is merciful. He's also a just judge. Without justice, there is no mercy. Without mercy, there is no justice.

  9. I do not believe in god.All near death experiences are different according to the culture of the person.Jesus, Buddha,Krishna etc all mythical sons of god.If for example many Christians say they seen Jesus,but all saw him in different human form.Some saw him bald,Black or white. dont get me wrong but fixed beliefs are a door to Hollow Heavens were spirits are still trapped in their beliefs. I believe there is life after death in .more evolved dimension of the spirit world.

  10. There is no better explanation than what '''The Disappearance of the Universe'' by Gary Renard holds to bring comprehension to this plane of existence or rather ''illusion''! This book or internet link will automatically lead you to ''A COURSE IN MIRACLES'' and you will see that it all makes sense! Enjoy your discovery!