Denise's NDE

Denise's NDE

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Denise’s Near-Death Experience. A slip-up by hospital nurses led to Denise slipping from a surgical table. With her accidents undetected, she was despatched household bleeding internally. Her crisis return to the clinic resulted in her leaving her body and getting revived a number of times as she experienced profound NDEs. She recounts remaining helped by a deceased liked 1, and how she was “poured again into the all,” being transformed eternally upon her return to this lifetime.
Denise is the beloved stepdaughter of Roberta Moore, the producer of this NDE Video clip channel.

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  1. Wonderful communication style and testimony. Easy to see how Denise might be a sign language coach. Thank you for recounting what I feel sure we all know at some level. Home from home in love and unity. I'm grateful you shared this with us.

  2. I’ve watched so many NDE/OBE videos over the years. Yours is one NDE that stands out. I thank you for your courage in sharing your experiences. I wonder if there is any way to explain the “All knowing.” What exactly is it that you’re “Knowing.” All…everything.
    I had my own OBE/ NDE while undergoing surgery to clear a 100% right coronary artery. This happened in the cath lab, during the procedure. Thank you again, Denise. Peace.

  3. It's religion that separates humanity into classes/sects. You're not with us, you're against us. You're not with Jesus, you're going to hell. You're a sinner, you need to redemption…
    There's always a catch with religion. Very sad!

  4. The amount of medical malpractice in so many of these nde's is astounding. So much power and belief is attributed to materia medica, as if it is the end all and be all, which can't be the case, in light of all of their mistakes and false assessments. It is apparent that they are wrong very often.
    And, this is an absolutely beautiful nde account, and what I would wish for. It is metaphysically perfect. To return to the All and to no longer be an individual, is returning Home to perfection.

  5. I was Pronounced DOA (Dead On Arrival) at a Medical Centre in 1973… My heart did NOT beat for more than half an hour.

    I entered The WHITE LIGHT, and have remained there until today ! I have NOT left the WHITE LIGHT !

  6. Thank you for such a recall in total clarity. It is in such an explanation of your experience that one finds a pathway back to our purpose. The "All-knowing" is a good basis to place our physical being and indeed our spiritual being.

  7. There is a difference in excitement and energy in the first and second part of her interview. People who talk about their nde always have that something special, its energetic , you see it and hear it. Ones you have seen the real light your back with the only truth to share with us. The truth has to be told. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey , greetings from the Netherlands everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️