“Death is the Liberation From Pain“ | Ina K's Near-death Experience

“Death is the Liberation From Pain“ | Ina K's Near-death Experience

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At the age of 16 Ina K. skilled the light during a daily life-threatening condition. This near-death experience adjusted her lifetime forever.

00:00:56 How previous had been you when you had your near-death experience and what just happened?
00:03:46 It was not just an optical visible effect – it was touching regarding your emotions as a entire particular person?
00:04:37 What was the impulse like to go back?
00:05:27 How were being you able to sort out what had transpired to you?
00:07:31 Did the course of action of making and reconstruction of memory come about immediately and almost everything that was neglected was there in short time?
00:09:19 With your recollections you ended up in a position to essentially re-stay the full come across with this light once again?
00:09:37 How did this process of turning into conscious of this experience adjust you individually?
00:10:51 Is it crucial for you not to be the only a person with this experience?
00:11:47 In your remedy classes your out of body experience was not portion of the matters that had been examined then – why not?
00:12:24 Have you at any time tried out to confirm any of your memories?
00:13:39 Has your mindset in direction of religion transformed?
00:15:17 According to your have experience and your own perceptions: What is in your eyes a human being? What is the this means of everyday living?
00:15:57 Are you on the lookout at the encounter with this light as a central section of your experiences throughout this maturation system?
00:16:12 Were you able to dissolve all the bad points that had led to that experience? Were you in a position to forgive?
00:16:37 What is death in your eyes?

Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Translation: Edda Raab
Voice-more than: Alexandra Grasmik, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir
Editorial contribution: Alexandra Grasmik, Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Heike Funke
Editor: Werner Huemer

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  1. Not once during the entire interview do her eyes gaze downward. Anyone in post Grad psychology understands that when a person expresses feelings, their eyes turn downward. Sideways are thinking about the words you are choosing to use, eyes upward are looking for a visual memory. Now, obviously there’s much more to the Harvard peer reviewed study and accepted in the main stream (criminal investigational interviews) as a valuable tool. But you get the idea. What would be her motivations to lie or exaggerate? Too numerous to know as a layperson.

  2. I've listened to many, many of these, and I DO believe them. And I know it won't be received well to be skeptical in such a forum as this. And I expect this one is true also, or mostly true, and is believed to be 100% true by the lady. But when I hear that such an experience was not only not mentioned but also not remembered for 15 years, and then suddenly triggered into memory, I wonder if what was triggered was not so much a memory of something that happened physically, as an accidental fabrication of an archetypal motif. OR, a memory of something that may have happened to somebody else in some other life, with which the mother in this scenario suddenly found herself resonating psychically, for reason of the intensity of imagining her daughter needing to defend herself against archetypal rape, you see. It seems plausible that it didn't physically happen to her physical body, even though that she thinks it did. How would one know, with a memory that didn't exist for 15 years and then appeared without temporal continuity from the event in question?

    And then… I've listened to so many of these and rarely does any political view enter into even the later analysis of the experience. When it does, I get a little suspicious, simply because this evidences a motive for at least interpretation or elaboration, if not elements of subconscious fabrication. And this one seems to have such a political intersection. She mentioned women's rights – referring to legal rights – and the need for self-defense – not to mention that the idea that we live in a 'rape-culture' is a politically charged idea these days. Did 'The Light' itself inform her as to proper legislations for the German parliament, or is that an interpretation of hers, in retrospect?
    None of this is to say that her story isn't exactly 100% accurate. Rather it is to say that it might not be, because there is a political motive for that. I listen to these stories to try to construct, in light of them, a worldview that takes them into account. Sadly, for that purpose, I feel I have to throw out cases like this, because they seem compromised. Likely true, but possibly… not entirely.

  3. Because "religion" is a construct of man, whereas Spirituality is a direct connection to our creator. Judaism and particularly Christianity were highjacked early on as means to control and manipulate our connections to Universal Consciousness. The history of Christianity in particular inserted individual(s) power dynamics in 326CE with the council of Nicaea at the behest of Constantine the pagan mass murderer. How can anyone believe what came from that, came from the one most refer to as Jesus, but whose name was actually Yahoshua (Joshua). They won't even refer to Him by his Hebrew (proper) name, instead using a terribly bastardized/transliterated Greco-Roman created one.

  4. The interviewer never asked her if the guy actually tried to kill her (perhaps by choking her to death and that’s why she left her body?). If that’s the case (even if he didn’t try to kill her, we know he raped her) once it was determined who the guy was, for the sake of preventing other young defenseless girls from being raped (or raped and murdered) there is a great responsibility to have the guy arrested, tried, and imprisoned (or executed) to remove him from society so he couldn’t continue raping (or raping and murdering) young girls.

  5. It's hard to find anyone who is older that recently past away and came back. All I've seen are people recalling 50 years ago when they was 7 or 8 years old. But kids have wild imaginations. Young adults do too. So I'm still Leary of these NDEs.

  6. a true experience – so jarring to have her interviewed by a very strong mental person, when such experiences can really only be understood by someone whose inner feeling is guided by God, and whose soul is not dominated by the mind… 🙂

  7. This has nothing to do with the topic, but It's so good of her to send her own girls to self defense courses . After something happend to my girlfriend i noticed how many girls had negative sexual experiences. They are seen as ' easy prey ' by a certain segment of sociopaths that get a kick out of hurting vulnerable girls. . A basic knowledge of self defense & awareness can be the difference between a hostile situation & actual rape.

  8. Até os 7 anos de idade à criança ainda está se encaixando no novo corpo e é natural que se recorde nitidamente de vários fatos em detalhes das suas últimas existências.
    Até os 1O de idade costuma passar (ou não)essas lembranças.
    Fica tudo gravado e bem arquivado no PERISPIRITO, arquivo,onde estão armazenados todas às informações sobre suas encarnações anteriores cada detalhe, cada por menor,minuciosamente guardado e bem arquivado no arquivo do espírito.
    Nada se perde.
    Depois de adultos temos rápidos flashes na memória do espírito.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  9. One thing is a short stay on the other side. Another completely different story unfolds when we don't just have a NDE but truly pass away/ get buried/ cremated/ finish a life round.
    I am afraid we get caught by entities that may present themselves as light beings or as our own relatives to trick us. We have been enslaved for millions of years.

  10. I love these videos but – you might consider changing the title. Some of the people who consume these kinds of videos are suicidal. The title might encourage those people to attempt suicide. Just a thought.

  11. I must have watched probably hundreds of NDE videos and I have to say Thanatos accounts are the most legit. The people that they interviewed for their NDEs are really just ordinary people who are not out to seek fame and fortune for faking NDE stories. You can see the genuity in their eyes and the manner they related their stories, their NDEs really happened !

  12. Although this channel is generally good, I wish there was a more specific definition of a "near death experience". There have been genuine, legitimate "temporary deaths" ie no HR, flatline, no breathing, doctors, nurses trying desperately to revive the person. They are clinically dead for a while, but then come back. But this video doesn't describe if she was truly "dead". Please don't dilute content quality, it doesn't do justice to others who've truly had verifiable & legitimate ND experiences