“Death Caused a Hunger for Life” | Katharina Dorian's After-Death-Contacts

“Death Caused a Hunger for Life” | Katharina Dorian's After-Death-Contacts

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Katharina Dorian is an Austrian actress and singer. Immediately after she experienced misplaced three family members in a extremely limited time (together with her father, Alfred Šramek, a well-known bass-baritone at the Vienna Condition Opera), Katharina Dorian expert quite a few impressive right after-death-contacts.

00:00:57 You lost your entire family in a incredibly quick time – what happened?
00:01:58 How did you offer with your grief?
00:05:14 Did your father share his near-death experience with you?
00:07:59 Did it transform the way you thought about death and dying right after your mom experienced handed?
00:09:16 Have you had any just after-death contacts?
00:14:56 Had been you ready to accompany your father to the end?
00:21:00 Did your father’s near-death experience give him some guidance?
00:22:15 How did you come to feel about the talks you experienced with mates and family?
00:23:25 What mindset do you personally have just after all these experiences – are you concerned of dying?
00:24:30 What form of impact have all your experiences had on the training course of your everyday living?
00:25:43 Would you say that people experiences have experienced an affect on your creative vocation?
00:26:50 Are you pleased with your work as an actress?

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Edda Raab
Editorial contribution: Peter Cox, Heike Funke
Voice-above: Susanne Baumann-Cox, Peter Cox
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
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  1. God has blessed this woman in a manner many people won't understand. I have had something alike and I know what I'm talking about.
    She lost her three pillars of her life at that moment but in return, God gave her the certainty that she will meet them some day. This is a grace from God. Sooner or later, death comes inevitably for our beloved ones and the most part of people don't believe in life after death or in the existence of a mighty Being full of love that cares for all of us on this world that we know.
    My two brothers and me have lost what we loved the most, our parents, all in a lapse of five months but we have had dreams and above all, physical clues, that we are not alone. I even feel guilty for feeling unexpectedly not as bad as I anticipated. There are worse days when I let my mind free to remember them and those days I cry and feel low and feel my life is not worth living but other days, my faith gets stronger and can be in peace with myself. Some days, I feel Jesus finds me something valuable in me and others, all the contrary.
    I've share my story with relatives but I notice they don't believe in our experiences. I admit that I had thought the same when someone told me things like these but I didn't give my whole attention because all the beings that I loved were with me at any moment, even a call phone was enough but now I know that we the living, must die to meet again whose that we cared and lost. I'm not afraid of death, really but only one thing concerns me. Will I deserve to go to heaven? If a stone in my path makes me stumble and loose my soul and be unworthy of being there? That's my scariest worry. I'm a sinner, a leftover, someone dispensable in this world.

  2. This documentary has reopened my own early experiences that has been part of my life ever since I woke up, and opened up my calm soul self living in a movie of my life. And it’s great because I can connect by asking for my own guardians, higher Angels for Answers when I need, or to just go into a trance state and speak to source when I need help,, or source comes to me.
    Some downloads and immense thoughts, programs, the way it is thoughts come so fast….that in 30 sec, it’s over and you try to remember all that was said in txt or vision but can’t remember!
    I used to get so frustrated, but am now ok with it. It’s all connected and can move in any line we chose..
    It’s your Move!

  3. Contact with the "dead" is nothing more than contacting a left over vibrational shell of the one who died. This shell is confused with the person who died. It is dangerous because confusing this shell with the person who died brings wrong believes about the after life. Contact a tibetan master if you really want to get educated about death instead of being fooled.

  4. I enjoyed this interview so very much & also adored hearing the correct German language spoken …
    My husband transitioned to the next world in 2015 , in the next 5 years I had 14 others who were very important to me pass .
    My " family " had declared me predeceased / dead …upon the passing of my mother in order to steal my inheritance . Everyone in my physical family has shunned me & I did attempt a suicide that my dear husband who was passed thwarted .

    I'm still here , mending & carrying on helping horses & people in the classical methodology of 3 Day Event .
    I have a renewed life now .

    The main thing that I wish to impart is :
    1 ) When one is in grief , no words need to be said .
    Merely the presence of someone who cares is immeasurably helpful .
    Merely SIT with the person grieving as grief is a heavy companion .
    2 ) Love never dies .

    Thank you , Danke , danke , fieln dank for your beautiful and strong story .

  5. Abraham-Hicks says you can determine when you die; you have to no longer have any passion, desires, connection to life and a have a satisfaction that you are basically saying you are finished. Like when you have enjoyed one thing with appreciation and are ready for something new and looking forward to it. I can't remember the exact wording. But as it's the law of attraction, your emotion state matters to get what you want, than get what you don't want. I've also heard our time and way of death is all part of our life plan that we chose before we were incarnated/born and it's when you're 'scheduled' to go. Some go after they have fulfilled their life plan which may be short as their 'mission' was to help another experience something – like grief – e.g. a baby's life plan to help a mother experience grief through a miscarriage,( and therefore to know that, will make you appreciate or value love and connection of family at a great depth of love and or have more compassion towards others who then have the same experience, maybe even means you set up a foundation or help line to help others etc – which could be your life plan and you had to experience something terrible to plan the seed and grow something wonderful)

  6. …my beautiful husband past a week ago….in the last 10 days I experienced him numerous times…if someone would tell
    me what happen…I would have smiled and think…really? …yes it was real, very real….all people have to do is being open…open your heart

  7. Ein Physiker erklärte, wie die Bibel die Schöpfung, die Entstehung der Erde physikalisch zu erklären sind!

    Die Sonne sei eine Atombombe ,…ist nur Eines der Logik, die ich gerne verlinken kann!

    Aber nun dazu.
    Dämonen verkleiden sich in den Verstorbenen mit samt dessen Vorlieben!

    Natürlich berichten Koma-Patienten auch von Nachtod-Kontakten. Einige davon aus folgenden Gründen!

    Aber auch von Nahtod-Erlebnissen,…sei es aus der Hölle, oder vom Himmel .

    Atheisten, Moslems träumen von der Hölle , oder sind da im Nahtod-Erlebnis (wie auch die Bibel von der Hölle berichtet, sowie vom Himmel (Johannes, Ezechiel, Paulus usw.), und Atheisten, Moslems sind entsetzt, dass diese Hölle 'mal auf sie zukommen könnte, diese erlebte Kälte, Dunkelheit, Dämonen usw.!

    Wo sie glauben, dass sie im Sarg nur ewig friedlich schlafen würden! Oder Moslems bei Allah wären.

    Dass es Allah oder andere Götter im Himmel NICHT GEBEN kann, versteht sich von selbst, da das Krieg der Götter gäbe und Bibel vs. Koran, das gäbe Stunk !

    Der Koran wurde zudem 560Jahre später, also als die Schöpfung schon da war, nach der Bibel geschrieben!

    Auch warnt die Offenbarung 17:14 sogar vor der Hure Babylon oder sinngemäß vor dem Anti-Christen( Teufel) , DER MIT DEM PURPURGEWAND UND DEN GOLDBECHERN/RINGEN, …DEM PAPST, Marien/Engelsanbetung usw !

    Nur Jesus ist der Weg und nirgends steht etwas von VERSTORBENEN AUF DER ERDE, DA DIES DÄMOMEM SIND, IN VERKLEIDUNG DER TOTEN!

    Die meisten Toten leben nur im Himmel weiter.

    Da sind authentische Berichte wie die da aussahen z.B. usw.

    Aber die verkleideten Dämonen sehen nur die als ihre Verstorbenen an, die die Bibel verdrehen!

    Auch Wahrsagerei, Medium suchen, an das erfundene frühere Leben glauben (was uns auch nur Dämonen einflüstern), …wo wir nur 1 irdisches Leben haben!

    Auch Lichtarbeit , Esoterik lockt Dämonen an, was ein Kluger einfach weiß, oder der der jahrelang Magie oder Okkultes betrieb.

    Nur diese Bibelverdreher meinen alleine, dass dies ihre Angehörigen seien, wo die Toten sicher nie Kontakte auf Erden suchen würden.

    Wo steht das?

    Das sind nämlich nur ("""ganz vertraute""") Dämonen, die sogar Deinen Spitznamen kennen!

    Jenseits hat nur mit Dämonen zu tun, nix mit dem Himmel!

  8. I feel for her losing so many in such a short space of time and being left to feel like you are the only person left in the world. I lost father, younger brother, some not immediate family ( I had been a nurse and was happy to assist if asked), then I lost my mother last July. I have seen much death but nothing touches the death of family – even you are a professional. My mother's has been the hardest. I don't think I will ever recover form it. Even though I have read and studied and believe much on NDEs and seen things when working with patients.

  9. An amazing lady, when my brother died in 2008 I started to have very real lucid dreams, he told me things, about death etc, whenever he's near a particular song rings out, and I get very emotional when I hear that song because I know hes there. I was in london recently and knew he was around, i asked for a sign and a couple hours later walking down a random street i heard the song! There is no such thing as coincidence in life, everything is on purpose, and you're never alone