Dead 10 minutes, demons carried me to hell until…

Dead 10 minutes, demons carried me to hell until…

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Mike O’Brien identified salvation right after decades of having difficulties with drug dependancy and a existence transforming supernatural experience.

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  1. This guy died, experienced his soul leaving his body, seen 2 demons that carried him up a tunnel ready to throw him into fire, but yelled Jesus and saved himself from the fire, then he flew his soul back into his body, came back to life, and what does he do? Robbery and evil things for 4 years straight. After that experience he robs and does evil actions? Liar and psychotic

  2. How can someone go to hell and experience two demons taking him by the arms, cry to Jesus, the demons leave, and wait 3 years to get born again; the meanwhile doing drugs? I watched many hell testimonies, but this one takes the cake. Wow, talk about walking on a tightrope without a safety net, having that experience.

  3. Mistake devil is here don't now when Jesus is coming back I get asked that question lot of disbelief but they didn't believe jesus either let the holy spirit in jesus first he will give you the spirit to help fight these demon

  4. I feel I have to tell you this.

    I had a real-life vision experience, it's the only way to describe it. It wasn't a dream nor was it a nightmare, more like a twilight present moment, it was vivid and unforgettable. I was in bed and how It started was, like at least what sounded like 1000 heavy footsteps marching heavily up the stairs and come into my room and they were sweeping with brooms, I never saw them. I felt everything was been swept away and I felt a presence get into the bed with me and push me down through the ground and went running down an underground tunnel.

    The first stop I experienced was, in front of me was a massive pair of black curtains and when they were pulled open I saw a massive round circle and inside this circle, { Earth } was millions of human Beings, suffering in anguish, I was then shown black and white portraits of evil-looking men, they went flying past me, I felt I was been pushed further down this tunnel and it was scary, It was then I called out "Jesus help me" and at that, I was instantly taken out and saved, thank you, Jesus. All this on the first few days of Covid lockdowns 2020. Please take from this message as you please for I have received it loud and clear… Jesus Christ saved me from this evil outcome that is upon us. He will save you. All you have to do is call out his mighty name.

    My take on this experience.

    I was physically shaken up from this experience for a long time afterwards, it took me a long time to come to terms with it. When I got the chance to study my experience I knew it was a spiritual awakening to the evil that is upon us. The Black curtains represent your government is lying to you, the heavy footsteps and the sweeping represent a forceful heavy hand in implementing these restrictions and Australia is proof of this, and the earth and the people in anguish is what the people are going to go through in the not to distance future. Also, it felt like I had no control over it and was forced into it against my will which some governments are trying to do with these vaccines. Jesus is the only way out of this evil, pray for people, pray, for I believe we are in the end times for humanity for we will no longer be human and God-like if these evil beings have their way

  5. Only Jesus Christ can solve the problems faced by this World.

    Only Jesus Christ can quench the thirst of the World for Love.

    Only Jesus Christ can quench the thirst of the World for Peace.

    Only Jesus Christ can give salvation to the Humanity.

    Jesus Christ is the only Savior of Humanity.

    Once, if any one accept Jesus Christ as his savior, he will give him the true peace and true love.

  6. god created hell for the devil and his angels not for men for what the Bible says and no he does not send people in to hell and he does not want you going there that’s why he loved the hole world and dead on the cross so that we can be saved

  7. Drugs can put you in hell that's for sure but is there actually a place of torment and gnashing of teeth? Is that the kind of reality an almighty God would create? No it is not. The idea of hell was created by the fickle, feeble, hateful, frightened minds of human beings. Nothing more and nothing less.
    I have done lots of drugs including LSD. Like the old Steppenwolf song goes …."but I never took nuthin that my spirit couldn't kill"