Daniel Endy – Afterlife Experiences Shown to Swedenborg

Daniel Endy – Afterlife Experiences Shown to Swedenborg

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Highly regarded 18th century scientist and inventor, Emanuel Swedenborg started obtaining intensive spiritual experiences over the course of 31 decades. From the age of 53 in 1744 until eventually his death in 1772 at the age of 84 he visited the spiritual realms almost day by day.

Swedenborg wrote that the Lord had opened his ‘spiritual eyes’ so that he could freely stop by heaven and hell and converse with spiritual beings of all sorts. These days we get in touch with these OBEs. He was accompanied by spiritual beings and presented ‘guided tours’ of the spiritual realms. He took extensive notes and wrote 19 guides detailing his experiences. He introduced scientific rigor to his spiritual research and became identified as a philosopher, theologian, and mystic in addition to his comprehensive scientific qualifications.

This presentation gives a thorough examination the in depth similarities amongst Emanuel Swedenborg’s unparalleled spiritual experiences and the widespread characteristics of what we phone “near-death experiences.”

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What is a NDE or Near-Death Experience?
A near-death experience (NDE) is typically a profound, lifetime transforming, intensely psychological experience that typically takes place through a medical crisis and has prevalent features and aftereffects. It is not a aspiration, hallucination, or mental disease (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to recognize who will have an NDE. They occur to people today of all ages, religions, socio-financial groups, cultures, academic backgrounds, and perception units. They arise below a assortment of circumstances these as incidents, close to-drownings, sicknesses, fight, surgical techniques, and childbirth. Next an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) normally exhibit some popular aftereffects. Research has founded a established of frequent NDE attributes and long-phrase aftereffects. Common theories made use of to explain near-death experiences have been tested inadequate by NDE researchers and other folks.

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  1. Number 11 on the Greyson Scale – Did scenes from the future come to you?
    You said no, but Swedenborg predicted something remarkable that has actually come true. And that was the demise of the Christian religion where it was then dominant. He said It was necessary for this to happen before widespread acceptance of the ideas in his writings could occur – something that he said would eventually happen, although not for a long time.
    Apart from the USA, the Western world is now overwhelmingly made up of people who are not anything more than nominally Christian.

  2. There is no time in the Spiritual Realm. Also, in the Spiritual Realm, there are no languages, as people communicate in the Universal Language, without opening their mouths. Beings in the Spiritual Realm feed off the Light given off by G_D. All beings in the Spiritual Realm are made of Coherent Light. They have no organs as living beings do on Earth.

  3. I've been observing nde's for 44 years,since 1978,hell is real!! If it wasnt jesus wouldn't have talked about it. This is something everyone should not forget, just because jesus didn't show him hell doesn't mean there isnt isn't one.

  4. But d*ng! The Blavatskyan "theosophists" were essentially at war with the spiritists, and they are essentially against meditation and kundalini yoga. Why are you referring to her fantasies and that toxic movement?

  5. In the bible, it mentions that " a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day" This gives validity that time on earth is not the same on the other side. It has also been said by some that time there is happening at the same time. As the life reviews suggest. Also, The bible states that in heaven, " you will know as you are known". I thing this is a direct statement relating to the life review of the soul.

  6. I believe there are a lot of people throughout history that if you really look at them closely, you can see where they were having OBE, NDE, or STE. Some of them admit it , some of them I assume were afraid to admit it. I will list a few of the people that can remember that I put into this category. In no specific order, some will be well known , others you may not have heard about. Nostradamus, Leonardo Davinci, Edgar Casey, Swedenborg, Robert Monroe, Nicholai Tesla, Rudolf Steiner, (From the bible; Saul/Paul, John, Enoch, the list is many here). Then there are the thousands of YouTube videos of individuals that tell of these experiences. I encourage the readers to search these names and read about them. Also look at the Astral Projection videos which are OBEs that are self induced.

  7. I love learning more about Swedenborg. For some reason he is not as widely known about as he probably should be. I do have one note about this video. People are often misled by the term "average life expectancy." Human beings have always had the same basic lifespan. Average life expectancy in the 1700's was much lower, not because people didn't live as long per se, but because there was very high infant mortality, which was (and is) averaged into lifespan. A child who lived past two years of age in the 1700's would commonly live into their 70's and 80's just like today. Almost all advancement in average life expectancy comes from dramatically improved infant mortality rates and to a lesser extent, maternal mortality rates.

    You can go back through your own ancestry and see it in your own family lines. I've traced many of my ancestral lines, some as far back as the 1300's. I have great great great, etc., grandparents who lived into their 70's, 80's and 90's. Everyone does. Human lifespan is at most 5-7 years longer than it was hundreds of years ago. It is rather disappointing when you realize that all of our medical knowledge has not made as much difference as we would like to believe. Infant mortality is much lower now, but otherwise we have not extended human lifespan very much at all.

    It's frustrating when I hear people quoting average life expectancy rates in the past and saying we only lived to 35 back then, lol. Not true. Women even 500+ years ago did not commonly have babies before 18 years old and many were still having kids well into their 30's, just like now. If the average person died at 35, who would raise all those orphans? LOL

  8. Thank you so much for this. Funny, I grew up in Huntington Valley which completely surrounded Bryn Athyn and never knew much about the religion of the people who lived there. I’ve always been interested in NDE’s since I read Raymond Moodys book.

  9. Wonder what happen to Christianity, if humanity took the same approach as Christianity did back in the inquisitions? 50+ million ordered to their death if they didn't confess to Jesus Christ as their savior. Thank God humanity is not like that…any longer. The choice of God over Religion is an easy one. NO MORE RELIGION. Just God!

  10. typically an STE (spirtual transformative experience) or an OBE (out of body experience) would score lower on a NDE-C (or Greyson) Scale, and a lot of people with would be high scoring STE's and OBE's, will refer to their experiences as an NDE's(near deathexperiences), because NDE's are typically (but not always) more intense.

  11. I don't see why Greyson Scale, and the newer NDE-C Scale is not used more commonly as a reference point in such a labyrinthine subject. why don't all these videos begin with or have tagged in some way their NDE Scale score? I had a STE: NDE-C Scale 80, or I had a STE: Greyson Scale 32. it is a very short bit of orientation before long reporting on an experience.

    I don't see much collaboration between popular entities like IANDS, Swedenborg, Michael Newton Institute, and popular podcasts like we don't die radio, Jeff Mora, etc. they are all different in focus but they are also interested in a lot of the same information and experiences. I don't imagine their presented goals are ultimately too different.

  12. WOW this video really helps to explain the messages and dreams I receive. Like, as within so without and bringing heaven down to earth or we are the boots on the ground. I have never had a near death experience that I know of but some of my dreams and or visions correspond to the Greyson Scale. Such great info here, for the longest time i have felt like there is a grand tapestry above me and that I have been pulling at the strings of this tapestry, to only reveal bits and pieces at a time but all of a sudden while listening to this video I feel like I have been able to grasp this tapestry with both hands to the point where I can pull it down into vision and literally see all its inter weaving's, colors and fabric depths. Thanks!

  13. Think back to early cartoons where the character would have to remember or ponder about something , he or she would look up to the left corner..I wonder If Walt Disney was a Swedenborgean ?

  14. As a long time Lutheran minister, I have looked with suspicion on Swedenborg and accepted that he was a heretic. But after watching hundreds of NDE Experiences on YouTube, I am quickly reassessing my spiritual journey. I will take a good second look at Swedenborg. Thank you, Daniel.