Brian Weiss: What Does Past-Life Regression Teach Us About The Afterlife?

Brian Weiss: What Does Past-Life Regression Teach Us About The Afterlife?

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“I’m thrilled to present this new Afterlife Television episode featuring Dr. Brian Weiss. Brian is the creator of Lots of Lives, A lot of Masters, As a result of Time Into Healing, Only Appreciate Is Actual, Messages From The Masters, Exact Soul, Lots of Bodies, and additional. In this job interview, Brian Weiss talks about whether or not we reincarnate as animals (or animals as individuals), how a lot of lifetimes most people today have expert, if earlier-life regression can cause difficulties in addition to healing them, what to do when we experience a traumatic previous-life memory, how normally we regress to a life span that is related to our present concerns, and Dr. Weiss’ viewpoints on ‘old souls’ and ‘soul mates.’ I had a great deal of pleasurable interviewing Brian, and I feel you will delight in it as significantly as I did.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv set

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As a standard psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when just one of his people started recalling previous-life traumas that seemed to keep the critical to her recurring nightmares and stress and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, having said that, when she commenced to channel messages from “the area involving life,” which contained exceptional revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and his deceased son. Applying past-lifestyle therapy, he was capable to cure the client and embark on a new, extra significant section of his individual career.

A graduate of Columbia University and Yale Health care School, Brian L. Weiss M.D. is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Professional medical Centre in Miami. Dr. Weiss conducts nationwide and intercontinental seminars and experiential workshops, as very well as coaching plans for specialists.

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  1. I believe what he says because his results have been duplicated by many professionals in his field of work. What I dont know is how to understand the point and meaning behind things like babies dying before or right after birth, abortion and things like that. I'm curious where that fits in the big picture.

  2. Wonderful interview! Bob, I love your interviews. Dr. Weiss’s work is phenomenal. Working in hypnosis, trying to lose weight, I unexpectedly experienced both past lives and pre-birth planning. For me, using hypnotherapy has been a life changing healing modality. It has literally changed my consciousness as much as if not more than when a person has an NDE. And one day I hope to train in hypnosis so I can give back.

  3. Listening to this has made me wonder, as a child I was hit by a car and lost all my long term memory and short for a period of time. It took many years before my brain healed, it was like I lived in such an unknown world with no memory.
    I don’t know why I was hit by a car and maybe there is a reason for hit, maybe to shape my life today to be on a forever search of what is life and who am I. I love those déjà vu times, like i have done this before, maybe that’s a past regression.

    Anyway, i don’t know if these memories can be retracted because of the accident but it would be intriguing.

    Oh and my daughter told my mum that she chose me. My son seemed to have brought back some past trauma, just his behaviour as a baby to around 3/4 yrs old showed me he feared something.

  4. Currently I am teaching German in Language schools. Of course I talk to many other teachers from all over the world. We are all native speakers. I made the discovery that in every single language there is a distiction between I and my body. Two different entities. Question is: Who is "I"????? Certainly something to ponder about.