Brain Scientist Becomes Vegetarian After His Near Death Experience

Brain Scientist Becomes Vegetarian After His Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience podcast 542 guest Dr. Karl Simanonok, Previous Scientist who worked at Nasa that experienced a near death experience. Throughout this podcast we discuss about his NDE experience and what he discovered from it.

Dr. Karl Simanonok obtained his Ph.D. in Physiology (the study of the body) from the University of California at Davis, where by his research included the enhancement of a new countermeasure to the headward fluid shift dilemma that astronauts experience in weightlessness. His postdoctoral operate adopted up on that research with pc modeling of the countermeasure at the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Cardiovascular Laboratory as a Research Associate for the National Research Council, and later as a Viewing Scientist with the Universities House Research Association. For the duration of his time at NASA JSC he also performed human research on other countermeasures which could be used to support dehydrated Shuttle astronauts returning from place keep additional fluid quantity on landing, and he uncovered important statistical correlations in the historical astronaut biomedical facts that linked for the to start with time, preflight variables relating to fluid shifts with the area sickness difficulty that influences a lot of astronauts, often seriously and even dangerously. Dr. Simanonok was also invited to go to the initial assembly among Russian and American room physiologists in history, in Vienna following the drop of the Soviet Union.

In semi-retirement, Dr. Simanonok is acquiring and crafting about the Nexus Concept of consciousness, the initial and so considerably the only finish-to-conclusion bodily description of how consciousness may possibly be enabled in our brains, leaving no ‘explanatory gaps’. Nexus Concept describes how the light our own residing cells emit at extremely low levels known as ‘biophotons’ are made use of in our brains to assemble a 3D holographic ‘nexus’ (connection issue) within just the areas of our brains that ‘tunes in’ resonantly to the holographic Resource of consciousness spanning the full volume of the universe in the Zero Issue Energy, to empower consciousness in us. The inspiration for Nexus Principle arose from Dr. Simanonok’s Near Death Experience many many years in advance of, and it clarifies in bodily terms just HOW we are all A single with that Light that so many NDErs report looking at or even merging with, as Dr. Simanonok did. You can find out much more about the nexus theory at his site underneath.

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  1. Combined with my glorious gift of discernment from God and careful listening (spoken and unspoken) of the first 9 minutes, it's very clear this is meant to mislead many,any people. This man took psychadelics and did NOT have a near death experience. Certain words are used to craft this illusion. Be wary and steadfast in trusting the Lord and he will show you the intent behind the tongue.

  2. This is one of THE best you have had on, Jeff. His articulation and his revelations regarding animals was touching being an animal lover and having doggoes. Thank you Sir for sharing your experience.

  3. This is by far the most interesting and detailed NDE interview I'v watched, really answers a lot of my question and his answers make so much sense especially his take on reincarnation… WOW! Thanks Gentlemen

  4. This was the most detailed and mentally deepest NDE I've seen. This guy has incredible scientific training and understanding that is not on the level with anyone I've seen before. it's an incredibly long video tho.

  5. One of the most interesting things I have ever watched in my entire life and the most interesting on this channel, this men is marvellous, thanks so so much for this sharing !!!! Jeff your questions are OUTstanding !! 

    But I do think the body and the mind are one and the same, this is what illusion is about, the seemingly dualism, that heart and blood are 2, but they are not, and I explained in another comment, why I think that. Cause essentially, consciousness is light or energy, and matter is energy too, it just has a different density, or wave pattern.

  6. 1:01:30 I do think the body and the mind are one and the same, this is what illusion is about, the seemingly dualism, that heart and blood are 2, but they are not, and I can explain why I think that. If I can add a small piece to your puzzle Doctor… Cause essentially, consciousness is light or energy, and matter is energy too, it just has a different density, or wave pattern. Let me extend a little about this…

    Maybe there is no dualism, maybe it’s all consciousness (energy) but Matter is just made of a different density. I believe Density is what creates time and makes it seems longer. People that have NDEs in « Hell » all say that the time seems very very long, a lot longer than in heaven… and most of the times, even longer than an earthly lifetime. In the higher realms there is just no time at all, cause light encompasses all the colors, and I can only guess also, maybe all the informations too, all the dimensions, and all the « times » or stratum of « moments » in existence. 

    Eternity seems to be experienced in the higher dimensions as much as in the lower dimensions. The only difference is that in the higher realms eternity is experienced by people like being contained in ONE instant, or experienced as unaffected by time, but in the lower realms people experience this eternity as something absolutely long, and the time is REALLY strongly felt.

    Eternity seems to be experienced in every realms, even here on earth, like Buddha did. So it seems that the consciousness of what we can call « God » is everywhere accessible, in all the realms and is containing this eternity in it. Cause it contains everything that exists.

    SO like in the taoism and the legend of the formation of the universe, above is the yang, light and the higher dimensions, and below there’s the yin and dense dimensions. Here on earth we might be like in an in between manifestation of density. In darkness there might be less informations, colors, less speed, etc… 

    Greg Bradon said that all the dimensions calculated in quantum physics are « like » a pyramid, simpler and simpler until you have the simplest one that is « 1 » the higher and simpler dimension (we can call God or absolute consciousness) this dimension is reflected or is included in all the lowers dimensions but the opposite is not true. 

    So a lower dimension has no effect, or is not included in a higher one…. but the opposite is true, the higher dimensions seems to be affecting the lower ones. 

    Some say, you can only be affected by dark energies if you open the door to them, consciously or unconsciously, so in a way, when you create a relation with it, and make an energetic bridge. Cause this is how we learn, disturbance and darkness helps us understand light, eventually.

    … or more importantly, it helps us to eventually being able to choose light (The idea of the tree of knowledge, good and bad).

    I don’t know if I understood it well, all the theory of dimensions… but anyways, like you Dr., everything I read or see in science I interpret it through my own experience of truth, that I have seen in my own NDE experience. 

    So in conclusion I feel like density creates matter and time, but light (or consciousness) is the only thing that is included or permeating all the dimensions that are in existence, maybe the only difference is the amount of light that differentiate our perception of matter and time in each one of these dimension. Density being, of course, a lower wave pattern with more space between the waves.

    Also if the complete Darkness that people experience in NDEs, is the absence of light, this might represent the idea of stillness, so it means : no wave pattern and no interactions of any kind. I’ve experienced this stillness and it was wonderful. Some don’t like it and are afraid of it, but it’s normal cause this darkness is pure potentiality, every type of feelings can emerge in that space, even images can appear out of nowhere.

    Maybe, like we see the yin and the yang concept, stillness is inside the light and the light is inside stillness (or darkness).

    Maybe life is just like a dance of contrasts, light nor darkness really existing by themselves. Cause how this witnessed darkness could be experienced if there is no light or consciousness inside of it to see it. 

    There is this lady who had a NDE on this very channel and she said she experienced 2 types of complete darknesses, one where she could disappear for a moment and not even witness, and one she could witness. 

    Like in taoism, maybe there were only darkness before the univers was created, unconscious darkness or « sleeping darkness » like they say. And eventually an eye opened, a symbolical eye of course, and aware of itself, witnessing the beingness of itself, darkness understood that it was existing.

    Therefore « I am » was the first idea, or wave emitted, or sound. Maybe these 3 are one and the same. 

    This is also reflected in our own mind as humans, and all the wise man said it. The mind creates duality but eventually if you stop and observe the mind and ask yourself who is this « me » that my mind talks about, you can see in one instant of clarity that, it’s an illusion and that « me » is not separated from the « I ».

    So that’s why we are a reflection of God, like the bible say. We ARE this witness witnessing itself.

    So if « I am » is the expression of duality, of the observer being observed, then it may explain the dual nature of waves. In every religion it is said that the sound was the first thing ever created. 

    In Taoism it is the cracking of the sleeping cosmic egg that resounds through eternity, in Hinduism it is the OM, in Judaism, Christianity and islam, it is the verb, that we understand as « speech », etc… and we can include the idea of string theory, all the NDE experiencers that talk about this wonderful song they heard emanating from the source and every orb they met, just chanting the glory of love. Love can only be experienced in a duality, in the relation … or we can say : in the interaction of 2 forces, or 2 attributes, that are recognizing their oneness.

    Sorry for my english, I’m french Canadian.

  7. I have had many experiences telling me that us and the animals are also one — to do unto others as we'd have them do unto us. I was going to spray some wasps one day, and decided to buy wasp spray. That night, I dreamed I was spraying the wasps, but I then became the wasps, and sprayed myself in the face and got to experience what that felt like. So the next day, I just went and asked the wasps kindly if they would move because people were afraid. They did! This is now how I deal with wasps. I had an ant problem, and did the same thing. I would put offerings of crumbs outside the door for them, and they quit coming in my shop. My employees thought I was nuts, but it totally worked, haha.

  8. Jeff Your a NDE researcher and you haven't read Moodys Life after Life or Life between Life
    You have to read the original research. Love your podcasts but you have to read this research material by Moody.

  9. So if we are animals and they have feelings what about plants and bugs. So if we eat those alll have feelings are we hurting plants and bugs as well. Are we going to have a terrible life review because we are plants or whatever?