Boy Remembers Life as a Civil War Soldier – The Ghost Inside My Child (S2, E4) | Full Episode

Boy Remembers Life as a Civil War Soldier – The Ghost Inside My Child (S2, E4) | Full Episode

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A youthful boy has recollections of currently being a Civil War soldier, and a lady can connect with her deceased loved ones in “Historical Flood and Accomplice Blood.”


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Sign up for the journey of 5 people who have been touched by reincarnation. Two youngsters will experience a reunion with anyone from their past life hoping for solutions and closure. A single psychological observe-up to a reunion will illustrate the profound influence it had on two lives. And two all new stories, a 4-year-previous who has religious knowledge his mom and dad can not explain and a 13-year-previous whose past life recollections as a Samurai warrior are critical in his struggle with Leukemia. Five wonderful testimonies that will have you question all you know about reincarnation.

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  1. There's no such thing as reincarnation, idk most people go straight to this and nothing else?? Easier to go with a lie, I guess, not using common sense?
    Don't you think it's possible that(and this has been scientifically studied), one could be born with ancestors memories? We are all born with this, some more then others. Deja Vu is based on this theory. It's how people advance through the years, evolution as it's finest.

  2. ive been asking God to show me were n wen my previous life was all i get is weird dreams that i cant remeber, but since i was born in argentina maybe i lived in south america ina previous life, most reincarnation stories are previous lives from same or close to geographical location of next life, or maybe im from another planet cuz im kinda strange person, always drawn to space or wilderness areas since im a child! any ideas?

  3. I am so glad that Nick and Ahna both have parents that are so supportive of them and who believe them. So often, parents don't believe their kids' and brush it off as just their imagination or a bad dream.

  4. It happened to me and my mom is still here on earth. One night my mom had a bad dream about me and yelled my name. It woke me up and I heard her voice clear as day! Mind you we don't live together and she's an hour away. I immediately called her and I scared her cause she told me that it just happened. I've dreamed things as it's happening. People I've never met in my family, I've seen die in my dreams and when I wake, I'll ask questions only to find out, that person just passed away.

  5. I'm impressed that the parents are so supportive of their children's remembering their past life. However, I don't understand why the camera person needs to zoom in on someone's mouth and eyes all the time, it's distracting and kinda gross. I have to avoid looking and just listen because it's too difficult for me to watch the video when they film like that. Anyone else get creeped out?

  6. Who knows. I have very strong memories of being killed during the Civil War here in Tennessee. I was born in California and moved to Nashville. A few months later I began to remember that past life. I died in Nashville. I remembered the life and kept reliving being shot and the horrible agony of dying. I RELIZED ALL OF A SUDDEN THAT I EAS LIVING IN A NEW APARTMENT JUST YARDS FROM THE PLACE WHERE I DIED. THE HUSBAND I HADCIN THIS LIFE WAS THE SAME HUSBAND I HAD BACK THEN WHO DIED BY HANGING. GOING OUT PRODUCED PANIC ATTACKS. I WAS LIVING MY LIFE IN THE 20TH CENTURY AT THE SAME TIME RELIVING MY LIFE IN THE CIVIL WAR. I kept experiencing being shot in the1860's and finally got pneumonia in this life. What I also got in this life was a,lung absess I. The same place where I had been shot. The stress of experiencing two lives all the time caused me to get awful panic attacks. I also experienced an even earlier life in Tennessee in the same location.It took 10 more years to get over this but I now really believe in reincarnation

  7. Who else is a little jealous of these kids? I wish I could remember my past lives but only if they were good. I wish I could remember choosing my parents. I start to wonder if I even got to choose or was I forced? Maybe I'm a new soul? idk.

  8. Harper, J.W.


    15th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry











    M231 ROLL 19



  9. I need a whole documentary on nick this is crazzy I have dreams ofe crashing I'm a WW2 fighter plane it was a spitfire actually I would fly in my dream and all that ever happens is I shoot down three German planes down two focke-wulf fw190 and a messerschmit me 262 and when I was 5 I would draw these planes with correct markings and all and always had interest in flying my dad got me a rc plane a spitfire actually and I was 9 and it was a 50 inch wingspan balsa plane and he put me on a buddy box with a instructor and instantly I knew how a plane flew and was able to fly it perfectly if a few minutes and the instructor was shocked and that's when my dad believed me fully about my past life

  10. My husband had one odd flashback-like experience during childhood. He was in grade school, 10 or 12 years old at the time, and the teacher (a nun) was discussing one of the major Civil War battles, probably either Antietam or Gettysburg. Unsolicited, he blurted out something about the horrible smell of the rotting horses. For a moment, it was if he were there; he has told me he sensed he was working as a medic. That was the only time he experienced/remembered anything like that. But he does have an intense interest in military history, WWII even more than the American Civil War, however,
    Needless to say, his comment was passed over by the nun.

  11. I know it sounds strange, but I have wondered about my daughter's life and death, before she was born in this life, as she came into this life with so many birth marks. I said baby, I am pretty sure you had a very traumatic death.

  12. Of course they remember everything the demons know everything what’s happening on the past they put does thought on does child mind and looks real yo them like they are there remember the Bible says the enemy is around us 24 hours they know everything they want us to believe but There is No Reencarnation your soul is only one and belong to God and we will gonna have another life but this will be for eternity in heaven thinking believing in reencarnation is WRONG don’t listen to does spirit that are lying to you pray in the name of Jesus they will be delivered.

  13. This is so interesting to me its like I be on the edge of my seat watching it. I love this type of stuff because I truly believe in past life, aliens, and unexplained phenomenon. It fascinates me to no end. We all are just spirits that are reincarnated in new bodies forever and forever be because our Souls never die. I think it's imaging. God defeated death. God is so amazing!! He loves us so much guys please praise him. I get so involved in life some days that i forget but when i go t o bed or wake in morning i just say thank you Lord for mercy and grace❤️❤❤❤