Bomb Attack, 35% Body Burned… “but God had a plan.”

Bomb Attack, 35% Body Burned… “but God had a plan.”

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Shilo Harris’ Humvee strike an Improvised Explosive Machine (IED) although on a patrol, killing a few soldiers. Only Harris and the driver survived. Soon after the blast, Harris was in a coma for 48 days. He experienced significant burns to 35% of his body, and dropped both of those of his ears and many fingers.

Soon after many years of reconstructive surgical procedures and rehabilitation, Harris and his family are working toward returning to a ordinary working day-to-day schedule. Harris is now a motivational speaker and has released a guide titled Metal Will: My Journey as a result of Hell to Turn into the Guy I was Intended to Be.

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  1. There is a powerful group called The light brigade in America that deal with returned service people…one person called Dannion Brinkley is one of the founders of it..and deals with these exact issues.. he is a former Marine…and had a few NDE..

  2. You know one of the biggest things that gets me upset and Christianity even though I'm a Christian myself is it when people call themselves Christians and they might not be committing no big acts they might not be robbing banks and acting like thugs they got beautiful house with flowers outside but there were the same people to go up on the witness stand to give you a hundred years in The Slammer God says to Love Thy Neighbor he is love and it doesn't matter about the race white black and so on if somebody wants to put harm over you take it for this I live in a neighborhood this prominently White did I never met a damn my life wanted to see me get in trouble and convicted over having vehicles on my own property I know this is nothing to do with this subject but you know there's a lot of false claims out here that turned to God I turned to God and I believe in God not know he exists even though we're going through hard times and struggles just as well as his Man story story it is incredible but there's a lot of people that have gotten the death penalty years in prisons or killed innocently even from Biblical days because there's evil people they might not progress to be evil when you look at them and you look at their house and you say man I wish I could be like them just to show you the neighbors across the street got a more expensive house that mean they're always planting flowers but they were the same ones that called the police on me said I had a gun when I don't even own a gun had my house surrounded gossip to other people that I am missing I am that but I feel that God will expose all some people just don't like you because of your success or the relationship you're in or who knows they're just jealous now I think in my own honest opinion that these people were jealous that I bought my home because come to find out about several years after I've lived here that they own like 4-5 rental properties people want to have power and control over your life they might not necessarily come out and say it we fight not against flesh and blood but evil principalities and higher Powers with the most Royal Gold Cup that you could think of

  3. What I don't get about soldiers is how they can kill people they don't know and still consider themselves christian. Jesus was just the polar opposite of killing stranger . Im not judging,,Im not better than anyone . I just dont get the mindset.

  4. Jonah describes what he experienced in the book of Jonah.
    Jesus also told a conversation of a rich man who died and went to hell.
    So for people to say this stuff doesn't happen, it's written in scripture of people leaving this world and going into the spiritual realm.

  5. He could not yet, with his voice proclaim; Jesus, as His, Savior.
    She the interviewer did not fell the need to proclaim, Jesus you are our Savior, and you loved us so, and you and your Life here are the Way, wake up anyone that calls themself a Christian, ask where ever you have a double mind for Him to reveal that in you and the n that you can see, the First Love of God that created you to have a First Love relationship with God, The Creator, there is none Higher.
    King of Kings, worthy of all praise and the Glory is through Him for, His that He Created in His image, can you not see now the Love that is so missing here on earth, and also the Love that you as a believer can get into, when you begin to love God with all your strength, mind, soul. As I pray for that man in video to come into a deeper need of a relationship with you Jesus. And to proclaim your name from the Calling of the Holy Spirit, that gives us His gifts, one of which is shouting for joy the proclaiming of Jesus, from being saved unto Life!