Basic Information About Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

Basic Information About Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

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Dr. Yvonne Kason addresses simple info about near death experiences and the aftereffects of NDEs on body, mind, and spirit. Study more at

What is a Near-Death Experience?
A near-death experience (NDE) is commonly a profound, life modifying, intensely emotional experience that typically occurs throughout a clinical disaster and has popular characteristics and aftereffects. It is not a desire, hallucination, or psychological health issues (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to discover who will have an NDE. They occur to people of all ages, religions, socio-economic teams, cultures, educational backgrounds, and perception units. They arise beneath a assortment of situations these kinds of as mishaps, near-drownings, sicknesses, battle, surgical procedures, and childbirth. Next an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) usually display some widespread aftereffects. Research has recognized a established of common NDE characteristics and very long-time period aftereffects. (Source: 2019 IANDS Meeting)

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  1. I've smoked a lot of d.m.t. and ive experienced the white light, and ive met jesus, ive felt the love, I've seen angels, ive had life reviews and ive experienced many other n.d.e. like experiences even leaving my body and having a 360° omnivision and seeming to be omniscient. The similarities between both types of experiences still fascinates me and leaves me with even more questions than I originally had about either. Also, I commonly come to the conclusion that i am dead when I smoke dmt, just anoter similarity. I'm hoping to just stick to the dmt experience for now. Both types of stories interest me intensely and again the similarities are something that should be looked further into in my very humble opinion…

  2. I'm having problems believing this for many reasons. One is the early promotion of the almost inevitable book, another is the seemingly very high prevalence of 'visions' and another is the obvious tendency towards what could be called hallucinating. I'm going to stay on the fence re this one.

  3. Anyone not looking for reassurance of the finality of death, can’t but help to think this is all about the sales: books, tickets, personal coaching, etc. in an ever-growing “”self-truth” driven business still in its infancy, with apparently no end in sight as to what people will literally buy to feel better about the inevitability of their own demise.
    Edit* Live your life now~ if none of this is true, after your last breath you’ll never know the difference anyway.

  4. I notice that the IAND's speakers usually are generally dismissive about negative NDE's. People have these experiences for one reason or another.

    OBVIOUSLY it is creeping near to the slippery slope's of religion and religious debate, but that does not seem like a valid reason to just dismiss all negative NDE's as drug induced or something.

    People seem to get a great deal of personal improvement out of their negative NDE's.

  5. I would like to start a non-profit organization from my state of Minnesota. Advertise and get the word out.
    'We want YOUR experiences!'

    "The Borders Hub of Minnesota."
    The Studies of Near death, Paranormal & Regression therapy.

    Pass on the information to IANDS, Jeffrey Long…start your own and get MORE of the word out!

  6. I am a new experiencer. I would like for you to collect my data and analyze what happened to me and contact me, hopefully for support and sharing, which I need. 🙂 I love your talk and how you describe inclusionary and exclusionary criteria, and the different types of O.B.E. I've had both, no trauma, went to Heaven through planets and a vortex, awake in a discussion with 7 other people, who did not know I had left. You are right on all these things according to my experience. I'm so glad I found this IANDS! I am NOT spamming! I really want you to look into my experiences and support me please. M y Death video: My O.B.E. to Heaven: (before the NDE) : Abrupt Return to Body.

  7. Some people have criticised this as the lady trying to sell her book… strange people, I think…
    Do they think she should keep it secret?
    There are people who want to read such books. I've read several, Anita Moorjani, Eben Alexander and others, they all add to what is available and do a service. (Although I am not purchasing her book because it seems very long, covering aspects that are of less interest to me, and it is very pricey!).

  8. A medical Doctor would not risk her reputation just to sell a book. Dr. Yvonne Kason gave us the gift of describing her NDEs and connecting them to her STEs (Spiritually Transformative Experiences). This is a fascinating subject to explore. Being a physician is much more profitable than being an author.

  9. People are people, but that doesn't automatically mean that she didn't have her 5 experiences. Everyone is being critical about the shallowest (understandably the first) possible problems with her presentation. I have a whole host of nuanced problems with her presentation. A lot of it is deeply problematic for me to digest, and some of it is quite good too. All I am hearing is a bunch of shallow complaints though. I really don't know which is worse her presentation or the critic's.

  10. She doesnt sound as genuine as others.
    White Light Realm?..Why not Heaven?
    Have had 5 NDE'S…Very Unusual!

    No real personal details…more like a general nde story…in the dark, in the light, 2 beings who were saints?…So Heaven or the White Light Realm as she sees it is Catholic?..
    Something not quite right about it..

    I see im not the only one who feels this isnt quite as sincere as we would like it to be….

  11. Your asking alot. Five times? I cant quite buy it. I can def want to believe and i think it's too coincidental that so many people describe similar experiences when they have so little brain activity or none at all…. very tough subject but five time… also why some hav and most dont another tricky one
    I dont know