Atheist Shocked by Who He Saw in Heaven | Near Death Experience | NDE

Atheist Shocked by Who He Saw in Heaven | Near Death Experience | NDE

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Jose Hernandez shares his NDE (Near Death Experience) as an atheist. Who he fulfills in Heaven brings him to tears. A Near-Death Experience or NDE is when an individual dies and comes back to lifestyle. A Near Death Experience (NDE) is a thing that anyone hardly ever forgets and adjustments them endlessly.

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  1. If you die without Christ you are going to hell. This man”s NDE is a delusion from the Devil. I can easily spot the inconsistencies in his “Heaven”. A dark spirit standing at his door during his death. Him going into the black hole and falling into hell and hearing numerous voices. The devil is good at trying to confuse you. This made him not afraid of death but has not accepted Jesus Christ. Now he is continuing the lie that the devil wants us to believe that we don’t have to accept Christ to made it to heaven. I heard someone’s hell testimony about how the demons set people up to have these NDEs and make people think they are in “Paradise” when they just fell into hell. Now he is continuing the lies to make people think you don’t need Jesus and you can be an atheist and make it to Heaven. Jesus won’t let you into his Heaven unless he is your Savior.

  2. Please don't be deceived, Faith in the shed blood of Jesus is the only way to enter eternal life with God. Jesus said, No man comes to the father except through me. It's not unusual for people to see a glimpse of Heaven, so that they can see what they will miss, then be dumped into the pits of Hell for eternity. I hope Jose will turn fully to Jesus before the next time. He made no mention of God or Jesus.

  3. Jose is such a perfect communicator! How I wish I could get some friends to watch such a video. I don't see how anyone could doubt Jose's words and his heart. Ya can lead a horse to water but can you make him drink? Thank you so much Jose. I will try to share this!!!

  4. Neuroscience is a relatively new discipline and there are already explanations about what happens to the brain in near death experiences, the brain may react differently depending on what's going on in the body (lack of a certain chemical, lack of oxygen, low blood pressure, etc.), Give it a few years and all this mysticism will be gone (at least for the rational folks).

  5. Are you sure you didn't visit hell and you were tricked into seeing things that look good like what you saw because you were falling down and heaven is up not down and the shadow that touched you if it was the Lord why is he choosing to be a dark shadowy figure when the Lord is like the sun. The devil can also trick you into thinking that you saw what you saw he did the same thing to Jesus when he wanted Jesus to bow down and worship him he showed him all the things in the world that he will give Jesus if Jesus would bow down

  6. Except a man be born again, he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. No exceptions. John 3:5 ¶ Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
    No second chance, no promises to change, nothing a human can do to change the Word if God. Man does a good job of creating God of their own imagination. That called idolatry.

  7. If you’re not a born again Christian then chances are that you’ll be unable to place your right palm on the KJV and say these words once only-> I refuse to be deceived by the devil.

    Rev.12:9 The devil deceives the whole world.



  8. I stubbed my toe and it hurt really bad and I thoguth I saw my grandmother stirring a big pot of creamed spinich. The amazing thing is that my grandmother is DEAD. Now I know she is in heaven and there is creamed spinich in heaven. This near death experience can not be explained and therefore no one can deny that god exists!

  9. Either you like it are not, those entities we see after death won't let us leave this stupid place, this ream of reality, they will always use this human body to mind wipe us, get us back here to give them more lush energy, make us chase the samethings over and over again, chase money more food to survive, sex, and some of us drugs, boring reality, am tired of it, i won't come back here no matter what

  10. JESUS said, recorded in "The Gospel [[ ACCORDING TO ]] John", chapter 3, verse 13, Quote;

    And No man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even The SON of MAN, which is in heaven… End Quote…

  11. I grantee you that wasnt and angel of God, that shadow still follows you and it's not of God. But that an easy fix you can comfirm your self. Pray or ask what ever is following you if it can process that Jesus is the chosen one of God, the son of God that has come in the flesh for the sin of the world, and behold it's true nature will be revealed to you. When it does reveal it self call on Jesus Christ the son of God , the one from the Bible.

  12. I am still in nearly paralyzing grief over the sudden and tragic death of my mother 6 months ago. This testimony felt so authentic and real and beautiful … thank you God for letting some people experience this as a gift to those of us suffering with such anguish and sadness.