Are you a psychic medium? Did this happen to you as a child?

Are you a psychic medium? Did this happen to you as a child?

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Psychic mediums typically have this one detail in widespread, do you agree?

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  1. I would do the same as a child. I would always use electric pens, those chairs and hold on because the shock would raise my frequency and put me in this trance state of love as I understand it now. And maybe doing that connects synapses in our brains. Making certain connections and growing roots like you do on the mushroom. You connect to your true self and the self leads to the underworld which is the realm of potential and things coming into being. And beyond that lies Osiris (in egyptian mythology he embodies the entheogenic personality. Hes the snake, the master of disguises. And it seems your on the shamanic path and are intelligent enough to get that but life (mushrooms) are telling you too make changes in your self and take responsibility because real shamanism is not to be used lightly. The mycelium roots that connect ego you to your real you (the mushroom, that voice in your head that seems to hover over everything instead of seeing machine elves). This is because youre being called to a deeper purpose of being and you may pursue it if you wish. Life will help you and things will get "weird". You beat the game of life. Now help others like you do! The true us is love and love would do anything to help us – even sacrifice coddled identities we've held on to as spoiled humans growing up in a culture thats designed to lock your mind in a 16 year old girls fantasy.

  2. Holy shit! I did the exact same thing when I was like 6. I had always wanted to know what the spongy material underneath the nightlight felt like and one night when the light wasn't there I touched it and got shocked!

  3. Wow I love Kim Russo, never heard her say that but interesting. I'm a psychic medium and although I didn't get shocked, I have a really bad case of the measles when I was 10 – really high fever – and after that is when things started happening for me.

  4. I've was always staticy as a kid, I could never turn on the bathroom light or power point in the house I grew up in with my bare skin or I'd get a shock. many other things too. My mum bright a electric metre to see if there was something wrong with the bathroom and had a few different people out but never found anything and never happened to anyone else. But I was seeing spirits before I moved there. I can't remember anything else. I should've died a few times and I saved a life when I was really young.

  5. This is so uncanny. As a child and especially teenager I saw ghosts regularly.. most of the time it was shadows, sometimes I could see someone standing at a specific spot, but then when I looked again, they were gone. Sometimes I would sit, and I would get rocked out of my chair, because a shadow rushed (read: ran) through the room. I have been having dreams that came through from the other side, other dreams that became reality, and so many more things that have happened (and are still happening) . So I always believed I was sensitive, but always wondered whether I was also a sort of medium – because I always thought it's one thing experiencing these things and another actually being a medium. But then I saw this video, not expecting to get surprised. I was wrong – I got chills when you said that the thing in common is to get electrocuted as a child. I suddenly remembered all the times I got electrocuted as a kid.. at home while plugging in the christmas tree lights, at a field that had barbed wire to keep the animals from getting out.. and still to this day I get little shocks every now and then (from a door knob, from petting my cat… ) I'm truly surprised 🙂

  6. I wonder if it’s correlation vs causation because I’ve always had paranormal occurrences along with psychic and medium experiences and to my knowledge I was never shocked in that age range or since ✨

  7. I'm not sure but I want to say that I was shocked by a cattle prod around the age of 3. I have seen several ghosts throughout my life, one of those ghosts was witnessed by 3 other people. Plus having several psychic experiences including hearing a voice a few times audibly.

  8. I wasn’t shocked as a kid but I remember a lot of fuses blowing there was this time that my hairdryer blew and left burn marks on the plug
    Also TVs blew a lot computers etc.. a lot of electrical things blew their fuse a lot when I was using it
    But I did accidentally electrocute myself as an adult prob in my 20s
    But I’ve always had strange things happen to me right from being a child been told I can do it (mediumship) but I just have to trust myself which I don’t
    But when I do think sod it im saying whatever I see in my minds eye I always get it right just trying to find someone to help me progress it but that I can’t find
    Is it something u progress by yourself or do u need to be taught

  9. Trip! I was shocked pretty badly when I was five or six. The second time I was shocked, I was about 11… on an electrical fence. I never knew this could be linked with my (now silent) abilities. Maybe instead of seeking psychedelics to reopen my third, I should stick my finger in a socket! LOL JK, I’ll take your advice and stay safe. 🙂

  10. Here’s a theory – I raised boys and they were way more accident and injury-prone and risk-taking than girls I’ve known. By this (admittedly shaky) logic, more boys than girls would get shocked as children, and there would be more male psychics.

  11. I was shocked a few times by an electrical fence on our farm. You’d think I would have learned the first time. I was always trying to touch the cows. But- I was plagued with seeing and feeling things as a very small child even before that. Terrified of my bedroom so much so I would sleep on the floor by my parents bedroom door. They also put a small cot in their room and I would hold my moms hand all night. Even so I could still see things. I was very young. Absolutely terrifying. Things seem to change about the age of 7. But I never ever forgot it.

  12. My mom was changing a fuse in the electric panel and as she was looking in the box for a replacement fuse i just put my finger in the fuse hole. It was a shocking experience to say the least. Also we were living near a farm with cows and electric fences were all over the place. I remember we were holding each other hand, like 3-4-5 peoples and the first one will grab the electric fence…. fun time lol.

  13. When i was 8 or 9 My friends grandfather had an electric fence enclosing his german shepherds. I touched it and it sounded like a bomb went off and my arm hurt. Ive seen an orb and i knew when a serious disaster was about to happen. Many times i heard ghosts. My friends staying the night said they have seen shadows. It scared the hell out of them. once i seen what looked like my mother's ghost maybe. I seen it as clear as day. A woman standing in the housr looking at me from a distance. I ran into the house and there was no one there. He or she couldn't of got out of that end of the house. Once i talked to my mom and told her you probably can't hear me mom but just in case you can i love you so much and i cried. Then i turned off the light and dosed off. Then I woke up realizing the light was on. I reached to turn the light off and if slowly faded out as i was looking at the bulb up close. So then i turned it back on in fear lol. It never happened again. But i did thank her or whatever spirit that was being kind to me.

  14. I don’t remember if I had ever been shocked. I started seeing spirit as a child but don’t remember an age. I did have a seizure from having a high temperature as a child. My mum and I are also very static. Trolleys, people and even dogs noses, I get shocked!

  15. Almost drowned in a lake at 3 yrs old. Saw spirit at age 8 at night in hallway. Man standing in front of my bedroom door, looking down the hall. I didn't get scared.I just turned over and went to sleep. I've had many experiences since then.

  16. Yup! So interesting. I am a psychic medium and remember when I was a kid being shocked by an outlet in our home that gave me blackened finger tips. Wow. Had no idea! Love Kim too, but didn’t know this.

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  18. That's actually pretty interesting. I do faintly recall as a toddler, I put a fork in a socket. It ended up starting a fire but I do remember being shocked by it. That was around the time I started to see things too. That's interesting!