Are My Loved Ones In Spirit Aware Of My Newborn Baby?

Are My Loved Ones In Spirit Aware Of My Newborn Baby?

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People want to know if their loved ones in spirit are even knowledgeable of the start and existence of their children when the kid is born immediately after that person’s passing. Of program, a comparable issue is if our deceased loved ones are aware of any of our accomplishments since their death or any substantial gatherings in our lives. Below is my response to these concerns based on my 13 moreover several years of investigating the afterlife. ~ Bob Olson,

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  1. I think this is awesome and such an inspiration to know because I think of my loved ones that have passed on quite often. My question however is in regards to the Spirit World from which we belong. You say that we arrange our human lives prior to being born. What about the heinous acts of child abuse that occurs daily? Thats all worked out too prior to being born? I can't see where a spirit would want to be born into something so terrible.

  2. It is great to know this, of course it could also be somewhat disconcerting at times to think that they may know too much, but if all of this is a school of sorts (coming into this existence knowing what we need to do, etc.), I think that they have other business to attend to as well. I just wish that we could get answers from them a little bit more readily than having to go to a medium. Perhaps most of us are just a little bit to earthbound for that.

  3. Thank you so much for this video. My Dad just passed away last week very unexpectedly. I am almost 4 months pregnant. One of the hardest things to accept is that he won't be here for the birth of my child. He was aware of my pregnancy prior to his passing and conveyed to my step mother how happy he was for me. I just miss him so much. He was my comfort person who i believe understood me better than anyone else in my life. I love you daddy, forever.

  4. Thank you Bob for this amazing video. I sadly lost my mom a little over a month ago, just before christmas. This has been by far the worst time in my life and everything just feel so empty without her. She left 4 kids and 4 grandchildren behind and we all miss her so much. She was the backbone of my family and things will never be the same as they used to. I have always been a believer when it comes to life after death and I feel comfort after i've watched your videos because it gives me a great feeling of hope that my mom is at a better place, full of endless love and happiness. I really hope that she is watching over us and that she will be part of everything we do. So once again, thank you for your effort and sharing the things you know about life after death and what a beautiful place we all eventually will cross over to.