Are Mediums Just Mind Readers? Afterlife TV Bite-Sized Episode

Are Mediums Just Mind Readers? Afterlife TV Bite-Sized Episode

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Are Mediums Just Mind Readers? Afterlife Tv set Bite-Sized Episode (15 minutes)

Melissa is back again in the studio to help me respond to a incredibly prevalent problem from 1 of our viewers. Monthly bill a short while ago shed a buddy and desires to know whether or not mediums are actually in touch with our loved ones or are they just looking at our minds. Melissa and I reply that problem by talking about our very own experiences with mediums along with some clues to help you choose if what is actually remaining said is coming from your beloved a person. We also share some tips about how to get the most out of your reading.

Permit us know what you imagined of this hottest episode and sense totally free to share with us your very own experiences with mediums. If you’ve read my new reserve The Magic Mala, I would really like to study your review on Amazon (link underneath). As always, all images on movie are courtesy of my wife, Melissa. Right until following time! Bob Olson –

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  1. Thanks you two.
    I have personally encountered all angles discussed in this video, and I too have wondered if the medium was somehow reading my subconscious mind(which is a skill in itself).
    There is no way my conscious mind was aware of the details of a medal(one of 3) in a frame dedicated to my grandfather at my parents house. I knew the frame existed, but had only glanced at it and not consciously noted the details.
    The medium described a medal with a coin in it and on the coin was King George(2nd?), and my grandfather's name was(is) George. This info was given to me as I asked her if 'they' could give me a sign, and so they did.
    She also made future predictions about other family members that were spot on, and I never mentioned these predictions to my family members until AFTER they came true so as not to influence their free will choices.
    So much more but I'll stop here.
    As a computer programmer and analyst, I approached my visits logically and skeptically, and took precautions to hide my identity etc

  2. Another great bite sized epi! And a great in depth answer. I have yet to try it, but have friends ( whom I trust dearly ) that swear by the process. I'm just not there yet.

    So have you ever considered doing a live show? I think that would be really fun. Thanks as always!

  3. I find that with psychic's what they say will happen does eventually happen but the timelines given are never accurate, I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same? the timelines given to me of things to come 99% of the time happen much later in life.

  4. My wife has a friend at work who seems to know things she shoudnt have clue about. She told her we were trying to have a baby… She tells my wife, dont worry, just wait 6 months. So of course, that turned out to be accurate. My wife decided not to tell her during their recent conversation over the phone just as a test. After hanging up, wife received a call from her after a short while telling her "I see you telling people your expecting!" Weird…

  5. Bob My number one bug-bear with mediums is the elevated prices they charge – the average medium on your site charges around $300 per hour. Now thats a lot of money. As you go to bigger names the prices get higher. Jaime butler charges $800 an hour. John edwards 900. George anderson charges a mind-bending $1200 an hour!! (really)
    so whats the deal with all this? why, if these people have a true gift, should they want to charge such excessive amounts of money? the average working man earns maybe $15-25 an hour. Are mediums only catering then, to the wealthy? They dont NEED to charge that much. How much money do they need? For people who talk about spirit and how material things mean nothing in spirit this is the most incredible hypocrisy. Sure, we are in the material world and bills have to be paid. But $300 an hour……..? c'mon. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. They dont have to charge that much, theres somethng immoral about it to me