Answers about the Afterlife by Bob Olson

Answers about the Afterlife by Bob Olson

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Answers about the Afterlife: A Private Investigator’s 15-Year Research Unlocks the Mysteries of Existence after Death
~ New ebook by Bob Olson, host of Afterlife Television

Whether you are grieving the decline of a liked one particular, curious about what happens when we die, or pondering your very own mortality, this reserve will go away you experience considerably less worry about death, inspired to are living a a lot more loving and purposeful daily life, and comforted by new feelings about your loved ones in the afterlife.

Now you can delve into the everyday living-shifting insights we understand from near-death experiences, following-death communications, spirit get hold of via mediums, past lives, previous-everyday living memories, past-daily life & life-concerning-lives regressions, out-of-body experiences, soul pre-start setting up, deathbed visions, aspiration visitations, shared-death experiences, and so considerably a lot more.

Unlock the mysteries of lifetime after death and discover the enlightening discoveries of a personal investigator’s 15-calendar year investigation. This ebook is a thorough resource answering 150 of the most crucial concerns about what happens when we die.


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Bob Olson is a former skeptic and personal investigator who started investigating evidence of lifestyle after death right after the passing of his father in 1997. This party ignited queries in Bob that he by no means before viewed as, so he determined to use his techniques as a non-public eye to examine the afterlife. Bob has appear to be known as the Afterlife Investigator. He is the host of “Afterlife Tv set with Bob Olson.”

EDITORIAL Testimonials

My pal, Bob Olson, has prepared a great and very well-researched guidebook to the Afterlife. He very carefully responses lots of of the issues and concerns we all have about the other side. The chapter on past lives resonates very significantly with my very own scientific tests of reincarnation and the advantages of past life regressions. I remarkably recommend “Answers About the Afterlife.”

~ BRIAN L. WEISS, MD, author of “Many Lives, Numerous Masters”

What takes place when we die? This is a single of humankind’s most crucial and enduring inquiries. “Answers about the Afterlife” provides a clean and fascinating perspective to this historical problem. Bob Olson offers an impressive compilation of quite a few lines of proof that converge on the summary that the afterlife is, in a phrase, actual. Innumerable common queries about the afterlife are addressed. This e-book is properly written and enthusiastically encouraged.

~ JEFFREY Very long, MD, creator of the New York Instances bestselling “Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences”

There is a universal query each human being longs to remedy: What occurs when we die? With the eager and extensive eye of an investigative reporter, Bob Olson will take on this issue with a loving coronary heart and total-on determination. Sifting by way of much more than fifteen a long time of powerful and exhaustive research, he’s created a spiritual encyclopedia of types that delivers the reader with responses. This is a brave and compassionate reserve that will convey comfort and ease and insight to several all through the most critical occasions of our life.

~ CHERYL RICHARDSON, creator of “The Artwork of Extreme Self Care”

Congratulations Bob Olson. Your guide: Answers ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE is maybe just one of the most in-depth and complete guides I have at any time read on the subject of everyday living after death. I would call it the encyclopedia of the afterlife. This ought to be essential reading for each individual soul who has at any time pondered their heavenly heritage.

~ JAMES VAN PRAAGH, Spiritual Medium & creator of “Growing Up In Heaven”

Bob Olson has taken his instruction, experience and enthusiasm for staying an investigator and utilized them to the analyze of the afterlife, death and dying, and the earth of spirit, sharing what these subject areas can train us about daily life. This book is a wonderful map for individuals searching for their possess discoveries as they examine the infinite alternatives.

~ ANITA MOORJANI, New York Periods Greatest Advertising Writer of “Dying To Be Me”

What a helpful guide. This is a evidently laid out source, diligently investigated and perfectly believed out. Each and every subject is deemed and approached in a sensible and balanced way, and spelled out in sufficient element to solution the queries entirely. If you want a single e-book to aid you have an understanding of almost everything that has been discovered out about the afterlife, this could be it.

~ JENNY COCKELL, author of “Across Time and Death: A Mother’s Research for Her Past Life Children”


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  1. Bob,  I am looking forward to reading your book.  My husband died on 11/22/13 by suicide. I am lost.  Brian and I were married for 27 years.  I lost my Dad in 2006 and my mom in 2012. Your videos have been helpful.  I wish I could afford a reading from one of the mediums on your website, maybe one day.

  2. I am so glad you have a book, I will be getting it very soon, but I wanted to ask a couple of questions.  I lost my father 5 years ago approximately an hour and 45 minutes before my 38th birthday, his passing was very quick and extremely unexpected.  It crushed me as I was very close to him, I have been trying to deal with it for so long and just when I thought that I might be able to recover from it, my BEST friend in the world died on Monday morning the 28th of April.  Still unclear as to how she died but she had just given birth not a month before her death to a beautiful baby.  She was only 32 and I am having all these same feelings of loss all over again.  What do I do now?????  How am I supposed to recover from this shocking blow again????

  3. Hi Bob, I bought your book for my Ipad. Due to having a severe anxiety disorder, I've been extremely worried about life after death for the past 5 years. The problem is I'm a scientist (in mind not in profession), so I relate NDEs, Spirit Visitations, OBEs, Astral projection etc to activities in the brain such as DMT and oxygen deprivation, and mediums I regarded as cold reading or self delusion. I've just read too that they've triggered OBEs by stimulating part of the brain, so that's really sunk my heart. I've just started reading your book and I must say it is incredibly interesting to say the least so far. I'm beginning to convince myself of an afterlife's existence, and your book is hands down the most helpful resources I have used. So just a thank you from me and other afterlife researchers in Britain!

  4. Bob, I'm reading your new book and on pg. 56 you say "we can do, be, and have whatever we want in the afterlife." Many afterlife books I've read say that spirits have communicated, "Our bodies are more solid and real to us than yours are to you" or words to effect, so I'm wondering if that "having" anything we want would extend to having the guy/girl of our dreams, even if that person is just the embodiment of the perfect soulmate we imagine.