Annihilationism or Universalism?? Answers from Near Death Experiences | Q&A with Howard Storm

Annihilationism or Universalism?? Answers from Near Death Experiences | Q&A with Howard Storm

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“Is Howard Storm an annihilationist or a universalist?” This is by considerably the most requested problem I acquired from you men, so I made the decision to submit a separate clip of his respond to to this problem.

Annihilationism or Universalism?? Responses from Near Death Experiences | Q&A with Howard Storm

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  1. Mr Storm seems to first say one thing and then override it with an other. A bit unclear on his stance but I'd call him a "hopeful universalist".

    At the fullness of the eons, we will all be Jesus-loving-Universalists in all it's glory. Imagine trillions of trillions of unique individual over-comers that has been forgiven by their crucified Creator, ready to live, love and laugh forever more. I can barely wait.

  2. Mr storm sounds like he's double talking, he says God can do anything that he wants to do. Which is true. But also said that he can't get people to change their mind about himself. And hate God even after death when they meet him. Just look at Howard's story himself, look at what happened to him and how much his mind was changed. Look at Paul in the Bible and how quick his mind was changed, look how he changed Nebuchadnezzar's mind, there is no human being that God has made that will not respond to God himself and his love, that's just the way he made them. God's judgment is like a fire that burns within that's why he uses that word fire. In addition to what Howard said out of the old testament, in Malachi chapter 3 verse 3 it says he will sit as a refiner fire or a launderer soap, well laundry soap cleans away the dirt or impurities but saves the clothes, and that's the same as with people. We're given a picture of this judgment in 1st Corinthians chapter 3 verses 12 through 15, look at verse 15, if it is burned up meaning his works the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved even though only as one escaping through the flames, flames represents the judgment or as people in the nde world say their life review. I've listened now to a lot of nde stories lately online from people, and I haven't yet heard one who went through the experience of seeing God and come back hating him, it's actually the opposite, the presence of God is too awe-inspiring, in Isaiah chapter 6 after he sees God in the throne room he says woe to me I am ruined for I am a man of unclean lips and I live among a people of unclean lips and my eyes have seen the king the Lord Almighty. A seraphim touched his lips with a hot coal and he said you're guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for. It is God who designed the very heart of man and it is God who knows how to purify it. I could say a lot more Melissa but my comment is already long. I appreciate your videos. There's not a whole lot of us universalist out there, bye for now until the next one. PS. There will be no such thing as an atheist in the presence of God.

  3. Hi Melissa! I'm enjoying your videos. I thought I would share a great YouTube channel called (PERFECTED BY BLOOD MINISTRIES). They have been given such great revelation on reconciliation of all people! I believe you would be so blessed by them. They have a great testimony video that shows what the Father did for them and how He brought them out of religion. They also have a great teaching video called (HELLOVE) that shows what Jesus meant when He was talking about Gehenna. Please let me know if you would if you are blessed by them. In His love…

  4. Sin is the impurities. The wheat and tares, the tare is the man of sin that was given to each of us through the enemy. The tare has to grow with us until it is time for the harvest, then the tare is separated from us and burned ( that sinful nature). Paul's supposed writings says, " when he would do good, evil is ALWAYS present. This is the seeds that the enemy sown.

  5. If one single person were to stubbornly resist the saving love of God for all eternity then that individual would have succeeded in defeating the love and power and wisdom of God and that is completely impossible !

  6. I chose the Lamb over the life and death experiences of man. To those who do not trust God, His word in Revelation says, "He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever."

  7. I have often reflected on the possibility that both annihilation & universal salvation could both be true. And that seems to be what Howard is suggesting here. The false self (ego) is annihilated either in this age or the age to come. And the True Self (who we were created to be in the image of God) is saved to the glory of God. For those clinging to the false self, I imagine that the Lake of Fire would be experienced like hell. For those voluntarily surrendering the false self to be annihilated by God, the Lake of Fire is the very welcome presence of the fiery love of God Himself. All God's correction is redemptive in purpose.

  8. Melissa I am so scared of hell. Ive listened to so many NDES that say hell isnt an eternal conscious torment hell- but i just watched one video of this woman who went there during an astral realm experience. And she had an NDE years ago where Jesus told her theres no ECT hell, but then she makes this video and now says Jesus didnt warn her of hell because he didnt want to be inspired to go there. So now she says anyone who jesus/guides teach of no hell is a liar-even though she was told from Jesus in her actual NDE had no problem telling her its not a physical place. She once said the moment you wish to leve hell you are taken away but now she says it took Jesus and all these arch angels to get her out but she was only "lucky" because its "nearly impossible" once your in hell. I had believed her before because of her NDE so i guess she had credibility with me but now her contradicting her own NDE is horrifying and i cant shake it. I dont know if its because shes not just a medium anymore (from after her NDE) but shes working in demonology in oder to steer people away from satanism (she literally called on a demon to "teach" her about hell cause she just HAD to know). But she just makes this whole flip claim that is terrifying! PLease help! Tell me she was mistaken or something! nothing of what she said made sense compared to her NDE- only fear that demons are everywhereeeeeee~ God wont even hug me and comfort me when i asked him last night……

  9. Oh Lord this guy gets around I heard his nde story while saying he's repentive of his pride while he bragged about his success of his life the whole damn time during his nde he's b's and now he contradicts himself about what GODS plan for souls are when even in the bible it says our ways are not GODS ways I can't stand nde people half the time they some of them act like they peeked at the other side for but a moment all of a sudden the know everything about the infinite heavens smh

  10. Oh Lord this guy gets around I heard his nde story while saying he's repentive of his pride while he bragged about his success of his life the whole damn time during his nde he's b's and now he contradicts himself about what GODS plan for souls are when even in the bible it says our ways are not GODS ways I can't stand nde people half the time some of them act like they peeked at the other side for but a moment all of a sudden they know everything about the infinite heavens smh

  11. My understand is that once a soul exists it can't be truly destroyed however it can change form and it can be reformed where attributes can change over time as just just tossing them into the waste bin that is the lower realms or hell then forgetting they exist just doesn't work. The reason for this each soul does come at a cost and a huge one at that given the time that is required to develop from each stage to the next. Anyway a lot that is wrong with western and eastern spirituality that it all comes from flawed templates in a deeply flawed world where corruption is the norm so I really don't see any being discarded plus what has come up in context to reincarnation paints a picture that while there is consequence there is often many chances to make things right or at the least start over on a somewhat clean slate.

  12. This is not the Gospel and makes no sense. If this were true and all (even those who reject God) will be restored to Him, then why did Jesus have to die and why should we accept Jesus' salvation if he is not truly saving us and restoring us to God? Make no mistake Jesus is the ONLY way to God. That is clear. And the refiner's fire is meant for those who are saved and God will burn away the wood, hay and stubble. This is for those who have accepted Jesus and are truly saved. There is no universal salvation. You either accept the gift of salvation and what Jesus did for us on the cross or you reject it. One leads to heaven and eternal existence in God's kingdom and the other leads to hell and eventually the lake of fire for eternity!