Anita Moorjani's Near-Death Experience While Dying Of Cancer – Author of Dying To Be Me

Anita Moorjani's Near-Death Experience While Dying Of Cancer – Author of Dying To Be Me

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You will not likely want to miss this daily life-shifting conversation with Anita Moorjani. This is the initial of two movies. This is the closest I am going to ever get to interviewing an precise spirit, simply because Anita Moorjani is able to share with us what it was like to be out of her body and in the spirit world, together with her capability to see the earlier and potential, experience timelessness, know her life’s reason, experience the thoughts of others, and even know what brought about her daily life-threatening disease in the very first area.

Anita Moorjani’s tale will definitely blow your mind and get you pondering what she teaches for weeks after watching this discussion. In a nutshell, Anita fell into a coma owing to late-stage cancer. Her spouse was instructed by doctors that she had significantly less than 36 hours to live (her organs ended up shutting down). All the while, Anita was possessing a near-death experience, was provided the selection to return to her body or not, selected to finish out her lifestyle, then experienced the most extraordinary healing ever documented. Now, Anita Moorjani shares her experience and her essential concept about love and pleasure. ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv

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Anita Moorjani designed an physical appearance on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS Distinctive in 2012. Anita Moorjani is also the author of Dying To Be Me (Hay Residence). Last but not least, Anita Moorjani is the embodiment of the truth of the matter that we all have the inner electric power and wisdom to overcome even life’s most adverse scenarios, as she is the dwelling proof of this risk.


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  1. We are all children of God. This is the best reason why Christ said "love thy neighbour". God is nothing but love. We are a spark of that divinity. Those few fortunate ones who have contacted that realm have felt nothing but love and have been transformed by it. I feel so blessed watching this video. Peace be to all.

  2. A childs loyalty its first for the parents and after for the husband/wife. Its a blind love not a conscious love, this is why its sooo hard not to follow parents in death or to get ill because of their death. bert hellinger its the master in psihogenealogie, family constellation.
    I keep listening interviews with Anita, its pure freedom.

  3. The blind analogy was BEAUTIFUL. I so understood what she was talking about when she says you can't understand what she went through. Without knowing exactly what she went through, I'm much more at peace to know there is something out there that is more than anything we've ever known.

  4. Bob, your combination of detailed curiosity and open, passionate inquiry has helped me trust and believe all these miracles you've shared through others. Thank you so much for all you've done and are doing. Your facilitating has helped me enormously through a bumpy time. Bless you and everyone you love.

  5. hi im aaron age 24. i had cancer in 2008. on the 8th of the 8th 2008. and it was weird but i had 40% of liveing and i was scared and helpless and could not do nothing. used to lay in bed for days on end. any ways when i was a sleep i could do any thing i want. people might call it lucid dreaming but this was not a dream this was a diffent world. i new where i was i new every thing like hear and see any thing i wanted. but i remember one person in that dream and he was my guide (part 1)

  6. part2. my guide told me and lisen i dont no if god or hell is real but i new what i seen in frount of me and heard what he said and he said how ever much pain life is you wait till you die. now lisen how can a guide speak to me like that. you wait till you die. smileing. dude wtf i was like am i dead over and over again nowing full well where i was and he said not yet your time will come and now go life ur second chance of liveing. then he just pushed me so fast and quick like fast and i wokeup

  7. this was so easy to understand…its easy for me to take on board… i have had quite a few psychic experiences… in about a yea after my maternal grandmother passed on… i was in bed… and had been watching my small portable tv.. and decided to get to sleep… i just pushed thhe button to snap it off..and so i knew i wasnt dreaming… because it was moments later.. i was looking around the room.. while lying in bed… no lights on..and i saw this little spark of light above my wardrobe..

  8. (part 2)
    then this light grew bigger and floated down to my face… and i remember i could just discern the kind of spectacles my nan would wear…in this sphere of light.. but this sphere continued to get close to my face and i put my hand across and said no! and it vanished…i had been thinking about my grandmother…so that may be the reason i saw this… strange thing was that years later i met a guy who had same thing…but i hadnt mentioned my own experience

  9. Thank u also from Hk.My sister very similar to u,she went on to another life .but thru ur talk we know shes alive and experiencing all love around her.Whats so clear from u is we are all connected plants things,people, we need to respect and love all things and its our mind and body that blocks us. and the key is ist to love ourselves.we have to awake thank u for illuminating us and waking up so many people :}

  10. Bob, I know Anita is exactly right, I had an NDE years ago. She is
    speaking the truth. I also experienced all encompassing, unconditional
    love, and the fact that we in the physical are very limited, and in Spirit World
    love is so much bigger and eternal, it is constant state. Peace ~

  11. makes me think we are all one soul and when we pass on to the other realm we get attached to the mother ship–the soul of our creator….what am amazing story and a very good interview..i definitely am going out to buy her book…love peace and joy to all my brothers and sisters worldwide .

  12. It was labeled this in the 1970s, I believe, by Raymond Moody. His book Life After Life became a bestseller and it the term just kind of stuck. There are many terms we use like this that aren't entirely accurate, such as the afterlife. But we use them just the same. Good question. I wish there were a more interesting answer.

  13. Hi William. I can't speak for Anita, but most near-death experiencers say there is no religion in the spirit world. While some people "interpret" their experiences based on their religious beliefs, the majority of NDEs experience God as Source Energy, not some guy in the sky (not a single entity). But what's great is that you get to think of the light any way you choose.


  15. For me calling the experiences NDE make total sens.
    DE is when somebody died and did not return to live in the same human body, and we don't know what happened next.
    NDE , Near- Death Experience, is when somebody was on the WAY to die, but didn't die, and came back to his/her body, and was able to tell the story.

  16. life gets messy, i strongly believe that as she says , everyone's core is pure love but live gets messy and issues cause people to lose touch with their core and become murders, thieves,suicidal,rapists, criminals, psychotic, ill, bitter,angry and many many other side effects…
    this is truly touching and i also thank you Bob!! you ask all the questions i would want to ask, and you put things into a great perspective for your viewers !! awesome!

  17. Dear William, This has been quite a interesting Interview as I have had three Life and Death experiences and as a Christian my 1st Life and Death experience I was Embraced into this Glorious Golden Light. Extreme Love, Joy, Happiness, complete. But each life and death experience was different, it's the Spiritual difference that takes place, to bring one to a deeper understanding. There truly is Life after Death and it's more Vivid than the Black and White world in which we all currently live.

  18. Love you Anita.  You have provided for me deep insight that is consistent with all that I have learned all in my own search for deeper understanding.  I'm grateful for  this post Bob Olsen.  At this moment, this message is renewing the world.