Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience- Dying to Live

Anita Moorjani’s Near Death Experience- Dying to Live

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Anita Moorjani’s near-death experience showed her the afterlife, which led to a new understanding of life. By dying she learned how to live. Anita shares some wisdom and humor while inspiring others to live more fully. Subscribe and ring the 🔔 to see future videos.

In February of 2006, Anita Moorjani was on her deathbed. Having suffered from cancer for several years, Moorjani was in a coma with malignant tumors throughout her body. Doctors told her husband and mother that she had only hours to live. After coming out of a 30-hour coma, Moorjani emerged from an out-ofbody experience where she says she experienced the afterlife and gained a new understanding of our physical life. Medical records show that Anita was miraculously found cancer free within three weeks of her NDE.

Founded in 1981, the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is a membership-based non-profit organization. It was founded by Bruce Greyson, MD, Raymond Moody, MD, Kenneth Ring, PhD, Michael Sabom, MD, and John Audette, MS, pioneers in near-death experience research. IANDS is dedicated to NDE education, support and research.

IANDS engages in numerous activities including conferences, affiliated groups, special initiatives, quarterly “Vital Signs” magazine, and other publications, including “The Self Does Not Die” and the scholarly, peer-reviewed Journal of Near-Death Studies. It offers weekly small online support groups, live events, and videos-on-demand through IANDS attracts members from around the world, including researchers, experiencers, educators, healthcare professionals, authors, academics, and others. JOIN TODAY!

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  1. I Don't have more doubts.
    We are millenary spirits.
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  2. Also, when you stopped writing because one idiot didn’t believe your story speaks volumes of your fragile ego. Again, why would that matter in the big picture of what you are doing for others and yourself?

  3. You don’t learn to love yourself in school, you either learn it on your own or at home or preferably both. I am extremely grateful that I was born with an inner love for myself and have a hard time relating to people like you because it makes no sense to me. That doesn’t mean I can’t sympathize

  4. Hi Anita..I have had crossing over many times in my life but in visions. With me its exactely what you experienced but in a different view. I believe your truth to you but in my experiences I saw evil spirits attacking me at stages and also a fight between good and evil spirits. I saw that there is a distinctive separation between good and evil.

    With that in mind I quickly realised by spiritual beings visiting me and sometimes people I knew died came to me I accepted that evil do exist. I realised and saw hell on a few occasions was not in hell but very close or close enough. I think your message is good but you have not experienced the other side that I did. Now I am helping you to understand that evil do exist and not only in human form but also in the spiritual realm. What bothers me is that you take your experience and without doing a lot more research into maybe the other experiences you talk to thousands and use your experience to explain what you only felt or in your own experience but cannot claim to have the truth while I know of evil existence.

  5. Inter faith marriages bring unimaginable consequences. My older sister did the same as Anita did. My father could not be on good terms with her after her stupid run away kind of marriage. My father passed away this year and, my sister is having health issues one after another. The point is, people challenge the Law of Karma and mess up their lives. Anita was forgiven by her ancestors so she got a second chance to complete her life. In Hindu families, arranged marriage is still by and large successful, up to 95%. It is not something evil. But some women generalize failure of few people as failure of the entire ancient system.

  6. The flashlight in the warehouse metaphor…our awareness is minimal …THEN all of the warehouse is in light…BUT you cannot see the ends of it…so DID YOU SENSE there is even A HIGHER LEVEL OF AWARENESS AND PERCEPTION that is right there beyond THAT LEVEL OF PERCEPTION?

  7. Bravo!! I can attest to what she claimed because I had a very similar experience though I was not ill of anything and so did not have an NDE when it happened. It was a kind of out-of-body (maybe) but my consciousness was kinda temporarily detached from my body and I became enlightened.

  8. Lost my parents over the past few years and have had a number of remarkable experiences of what Ive come to learn are referred to as ADC’s……after death communications….So my understanding of an afterlife has grown greatly as a result…listening to stories like
    Anita’s has helped me greatly to deal with loss…