Analysis of the book “The Self Does Not Die”: Verified Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences

Analysis of the book “The Self Does Not Die”: Verified Phenomena from Near-Death Experiences

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The e book “The Self Does Not Die” features persuasive proof that we do not die. In this online video, researchers Robert Mays and Suzanne Mays provide detailed investigation of the proof and the most important arguments in “The Self Does Not Die” with regards to own survival of the death of the actual physical body. You do not have to have to go through the book in advance of looking at this movie!

Are near-death experiences (NDEs) just elaborate hallucinations developed by a dying mind? Or the exuberant fantasies of notice-seeking narcissists? As the accounts in this ebook abundantly exhibit: Neither!

The Self Does Not Die by Titus Rivas, Anny Dirven, and Rudolf Smith has above 100 dependable, normally firsthand accounts of perceptions for the duration of NDEs that were being later verified as precise by independent resources. These near-death experiencers have been each day individuals from all in excess of the world—many of whom have been clinically dead, unable to see or hear, and however able to perceive new vistas of a globe further than the senses and even past death.

The “Self Does Not Die” is a trailblazing work to current the most verified scenarios of consciousness past death at any time compiled. In these cases, the authors have absent again to the authentic sources, the persons concerned in each situation, each time achievable, rather than relying on secondhand sources. In so doing, they have assembled a special assortment of empirical information that any scholar deserving of the title need to take into account.

By very carefully studying and describing numerous convincing and corroborated conditions, for the duration of cardiac arrest and other scenarios, the authors conclude that there are superior factors to believe that our consciousness does not normally coincide with the working of our mind: Enhanced consciousness can in some cases be seasoned independently from the body.

This e book is a ought to study for any person seeking to know far more about this interesting matter with its implications about the really nature of human consciousness and its survival of physical death. It has the potential to radically transform the now still widely recognized materialist paradigm in science.

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  1. “Everything science has taught me – and continues to teach me – strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death. Nothing disappears without a trace.” — Wernher von Braun

  2. Is there really a spiritual life? Even science can confirm that the human body is composed of many forms of energy among which are chemical, electrical, mechanical, and other forms of energy. According to scientists, energy can neither be created nor destroyed (1st Law of Thermodynamics). So, when someone passes away, his or her energy (the essence of that person) will have to continue to exist in some form. No longer in a physical body, this energy will continue to exist in what may be referred to as a spirit.