Ana Christina, Her NDE When She Was Almost Murdered

Ana Christina, Her NDE When She Was Almost Murdered

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Ana Christina, writer of My Sweet Come across with Death, tells about her Near Death Experience and her encounter with the “Holy Spirit,” whom she came to adore as her “Soul Mate.” Ana arrived close to death as a outcome of an attempted murder by poisoning. She is brave to share this traumatic experience in order to support many others. Her capability to forgive and to stay a constructive daily life is deeply inspiring.

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  1. Thanks you for posting this. God bless her heart! My precious daughter took her life because of a bad drug her dr. gave her and I kept worrying about her being in heaven. Everyone says she is, this helped me have peace.

  2. So sorry for what you went through in your life! To be murdered by a loved one for money must be a horrible experience! I am so happy God was there to protect you! Also what I liked was that your sister who committed suicide was also in heaven! This makes it clear that God loves everyone no matter who they are and what they did! It is comforting to know that! Be safe! Take care of yourself!

  3. You were so blessed to see your family in heaven and especially to see Jesus! His beauty must be so so glorious! God is so loving and He meets us at these low points in our lives if we just look for Him. God bless you! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful testimony!

  4. I know what you shared is true. ♡ The Comforter was with you every step of the way~☆ yes, laws should be in place that more tests are given to see if homicide is involved, or attempted homicide. What a testimony you have given! ♡♡♡ Brave soul~♡ Keep looking up, He's looking down!

  5. Thank you for sharing Ana . I have recently had my son leave due to Medulloblastoma . Beautiful 4 year old son Maksim, the most wonderful , happy, and gentle boy. I miss him . I ask every day for Jesus to let me be with him. I miss him so much. Life makes no sense. I just want to talk to him one more time to see that he’s ok.

  6. Wow! What an amazing beautiful story! I have a cousin who committed suicide at age 45. He was a pastor's kid. We all loved him dearly. He had bipolar disorder and left a note saying he just couldn't handle dealing with his illness any longer. He was crying out to the Lord a few days prior to taking his own life. Thank you for confirming what I felt in my heart, that our loving Father is a compassionate merciful God, who sees the heart of man and knows it better than any of us can judge.