An Angel Saved Her Body During Her Near Death Experience – Willa Louw 308

An Angel Saved Her Body During Her Near Death Experience – Willa Louw 308

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Podcast guest 308 is Willa Louw. For the duration of Willa’s near death experience she ended in the OR. Even though she was in the OR an angle recommended the doctor how to handle her and she witnessed it throughout her NDE experience.

Willa’s email address: [email protected]

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  1. What a lovely interview with this lovely lady. The South African accent is not easy to understand and even though it would be onerous to include translation text, it would have made it easier for me to "get" all of this lady's story. No offence intended or implied … it's just that the NZ and South African accents seem to have "moved" their vowel sounds somewhat.

  2. Ok. I believe we are ready now. When is the Jeff Mara podcast turning into a TV series? The world needs this exposure RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW.
    We the loyal viewers need to embrace cable producers and convince them the timing is perfect. It will be a hit and money maker for executives but the real payoff will be to the SOUL OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL WATCHING! Jeff, you put in your time. You payed the price. You’ve proved to us that your soul is 100% in the game now let’s take this to the next level so EVERYONE BENEFITS from God’s true plan and our purpose on earth. It all circles back to LOVE. Every situation we face as a people in this world will resolve itself if we just embraced our (higher self) which I believe is “the purpose of life”. We’ve been trying for millennia. Sometimes it’s hard to think of another’s happiness before your own. I believe a series of Jeff Mara will kick start a movement that gets us on the correct path.

  3. as mentioned towards the end of this video, there is probably beings walking among us looking like ordinary people but are really angels, Totally with out being a missionary here. Bible quote: Hebrews 13:2, CSB: "Don't neglect to show hospitality, for by doing this some have welcomed angels as guests without knowing it."

    Happen to remember it when I heard Willas statement here. Angels looking like us if they need to and walking among us. Thank for sharing another great experience.

  4. Jeff you look absolutely gorgeous today I really like I told you this before your hair parted and going to back like that and even looks kind of feathered you look really nice but no matter how you look you are a wonderful sweet person and thank you for your podcast.

  5. I have to say I loved this podcast! By happenstance, if that is possible, I can across another podcast just moments ago from 10 years ago that describe another experience in an operating room where they are visited by a "presence" and immediately the patient " gets better" This is a link to the podcast if anyone wants to check it out: Hopefully, Willa Louw comes across this as it mimics that particular part of her experience where a presence visits (in her case it was physical) the operating room and all present immediately get quiet. So comforting to know a high power is around us at all times looking over us.

  6. Thanks Jeff! What a unique experience where multiple people and video can account for what happened. Willa is so humble and down-to-earth and her message simple.

    Though I do believe the part about everything being planned, even accidents, I still don't like it. It makes it feel like we are just a puppet on a stage.

    I've gotten warnings as insights or dreams about the future, not for others, only myself and every time they come to pass. I hate getting them. I try everything I can to stop it from happening but it happens anyway. I can't imagine getting them for others too. That's too much.

  7. Do you know how you should handle knowing someone will die? You don't simply say, so and so will die. That only solidifies that outcome. Instead, pray for them, and speak life over them. Declare the opposite outcome and trust God to honor what you say. We are to be light and life bringers.

  8. I'm so damn confused because all NDE have something different like no one near dead experience is the same. Some people say we dont have bodies others say we have some say there's a tunnel others say they never saw a tunnel and so on. So the more I listen to NDE stories more i doubt the afterlife.

  9. Thank you Jeff. I have watched so very many of your podcasts with several paralleling mine. I find them reaffirming, informational and mind expanding. Each person brings a special gift of insight to an experience, a destiny that awaits us all. I'm finding it helpful at a time of loss of a loved one, Letting go is not a natural response.