AMAZING Near Death Experience During The Vietnam War!

AMAZING Near Death Experience During The Vietnam War!

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Today’s Guest is Bill Vandenbush. Invoice is the writer of the e book If Morning Never Comes. He has experienced 3 near death experiences and has been an NDE speaker for in excess of 30 yrs and right now we will study about his near-death experiences. Monthly bill has appeared on far more than a dozen Tv set reveals which includes: Sightings, Arthur C. Clarkes Mysterious Universe, area and nationwide talk exhibits, and numerous PBS and BBC specials on NDEs and paranormal scientific studies. He has appeared as a visitor on a lot of radio displays and podcasts in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, and the U.K. In 2015 He appeared with his wife Shannon as a showcased visitor on Monday Evening Soccer. Invoice was also the co-host of the Unusual Harbor radio demonstrate from 2016-2020.

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  1. Please soldiers don’t believe the hype. Sometimes you are used for your toughness to go after innocent civilians even in our own country USA and you won’t have any idea you’ve been lied to. That’s why shod tells us to forgive

  2. 28:46 – his thoughts on war aftr his NDE. Sometimes he thinks fightin violence with violence is necessary.
    30:08 – overall he's opposed 2 war but have 2 fight a war. Can't b a passavist n say….
    30:54 – b a vegan (one type of vegetarian). Read a comment that hunters who've had NDEs said they don't want 2 hunt anymore. One person who had an NDE said something about being a veg. Anothr who had an NDE said it's ok 2 eat animals.

    Many peopl who've had NDEs saw Jesus. If New Testiment's right he fished. Plants have feelings. A Bengali guy did some electric stimulation on some n got two 2 sign their signatures on glass papr. A guy who workd at IBM in the 1970s did some electric stimulation on plants n found they react more 2 the thought of bein burned, cut n torn than the actual acts. The venus fly trap, sundew plant n pitchr plant eat insects. This can prove more that plants have feelings. It's good if we don't make plants go through unnessary pain.
    38:26 – guy asked if he can prove his NDE. He said he can get his military records n prove his injuries he got.
    56:46 – in his trip in the wilderness he gets back into the white light. Talkin to the spirit, talkin 2 his grandpa. Don't believe it.

  3. I think a audio version with him reading it would be great. If he's just afraid of how his voice sounds, he doesn't need to be. I mean, he explained it in this account here anyway, so I'm assuming it's in his book. I think the way he told his story here was really good.

  4. Love this man. I could listen to his amazing experience the rest of the day. Such an amazing life and so interesting to listen. I really like to listen to audiobook because my eyes aren't as good as they use to be and I always try to find audiobook when I want to read a book. I can just listen with my eyes closed and not hurt my eyes. Thank you both for this podcast. I truly appreciate and enjoyed it.

  5. Fascinating and such warm-hearted person! I was tired when I watched yesterday night, my eyes were sore, but I was so captivated, so moved by everything this beautiful man said, that I listened till the end, knowing that I would soon get back to this extraordinary interview; there's so much to hear, to receive, to process. I feel as if Bill is willing to speak to each person individually instead of to ''an audience''. I've been highly interested in ndes for several years, they have helped me a lot on my spiritual path, which has become very much alike Bill's. I've watched a great deal of interviews on your channel, Jeff, but after watching this one, I feel like I'm satiated, at least for a while. Bill gives us a lot to reflect and also meditate on. He said something like ''I'm not special, I'm an ordinary kind of guy'', sorry Bill but you're not ''ordinary'' and I wish you to be able, for the rest of your life, to enjoy your ''private life'', with ''ordinary things'', if this is your own wish, of course. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having accepted Jeff's invitation.

  6. Really great interview and loved his story! I just dont agree with what he said that spirits actually die. Ive listened to 10's of thousands of NDE's over the last 25 years and everyone who talked about this said we are eternal, and that we are part of the supreme source, so we dont die unless the source does. But still a really great NDE!