All Was Revealed During Her Near Death Experience

All Was Revealed During Her Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience podcast visitor 592 is Tina Frontado who throughout her NDE experience went to her family.

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  1. She gave a Heart felt account just like I would of tried to explain . At times when you are old connections come from another realm and you are shown things . You feel like you have one foot here and the other heaven, when you have a deep love and awe of the beauty and genius of God creator. I would like to talk with this guest .

  2. Incredibly amazing account by Tina. The word so applicable of all NDEs is ineffable, meaning you can't find the words to explain. She does a great job of conveying the nuts and bolts of her experience. Brilliant account. Thanks Tina, and Jeff who balances well in interviewing in not interrupting……. so clearly delineated. Gary from Seaton, UK.

  3. Tina, I get it That it feels passe'. I'm also not suicidal. And I know this is a school. But darn…it's not always easy to keep going here when you know what is ahead. But it's a school, and you continue. And like you, I keep with my art, the community, my physical life, my professional calling. And I lost the physical love of my life, my soul mate…and am getting it that he and I have been crossing paths and getting together again on this plane. Because, the love explodes when he's on the other side and I'm still here. 🙂

  4. That person was the holyspirit of God or angels. God can sound like your family to get your attention. Your mother can't come down here. After a person dies they soul stay with God but in hatahs or Hati. God is a mystery. God gives you a gift called discerning its in the bible which he uses for his glory. Not yoga, astro projections or psychic
    Thats all evil practice. Its in the bible. The holyspirit came in your body. Its not your family. Its Gods spirit. Their are men and women angels. . Please don't go that route. You experienced heaven of love. It happened to me . I know God. I am a Christian.

  5. Listening to this makes me want to kill myself. Because it feels so meaningless to be in a society that ignores this and to live it is impossible and to be punished for being in that direction.

    And how can one grow without the memory. When we look at humanity all we do is cause more and more harm, with amnesia every generation so that more harm is caused.

    I dunno. I want to gain comfort but believing that is reality is somehow even worse.

  6. I heard my daughters thots one time & it was so strange for her but for me i heard her voice & i commented on what she said but she said she nvr said anything outloud..i was meditating a lot at that time is why i think this happened

  7. Taking from “Jerry Maguire” you had me UNTIL you talked about not agreeing with Trump … why does everything have to get political with you people? it ruins the whole spirituality of what you’re trying to convey when you start getting earthly like that and start expressing your political opinions!!! you almost had me and then right at the end you lost me. So disappointing.

  8. Please watch Sheila Shaw's near death experience on YouTube!! They are in parts one through 19 and she explains that the way to truly forgive people is to know and understand that demons attach themselves to us and cause the hurtful behavior!! it's not the being per person itself because we're all supreme beings!! I found this to be extremely beneficial because she says we're all connected to each other and when we hurt one another we're hurting ourself and God!

  9. Sheila Shaw also said that in regard to why we come here is because we all originally were in heaven with our father and we are like little children who want to leave home like humans children do, in order to explore different things and we don't want dad or mom around. And so because our father gave us free will and loves us with a love we can't understand, he allowed us to leave our home in heaven to come here to Earth to explore and experience. When you listen to her, you have to understand that she died three times and then she had some brain damage that affected her speech but if you see her at the beginning of each videos you can see how vibrant she was!

  10. If we knew how to live this earth plane can be heaven on earth, it is if you’re wake up to it, that’s why we’re here to learn life’s lessons and to be joyous and happy , but our minds , our ego just can’t deal with problems, but we’re here to overcome obstacles and be free and happy … earth is heaven if we’re awake to it.. you don’t have to die to experience bliss. Yes on the other side it’s a million times more intense, but earth can be a happy place…

  11. My mom died five years ago and I feel her by my side all the time!! Absolutely 100% I know there’s an afterlife, a spirit life full of love. I have no fear at all of dying because I already know where I’m going. Just remember love is the answer to everything here on earth and in heaven!!! Wake up in the morning and thank god for everything and spread its love wherever you go during your day!!!!!

  12. I cried when she talked about her best friend saying “I know, I get to feel it all the time” after she told the friend that she misses her. I imagine my best friend Kyle being so healthy and feeling all I feel now since he passed away almost a year ago. Miss him all the time.

    What a lovely interview, thank you ❤

  13. Totally agree. There's a magical thing of ancestors, guardian angels and some of them are people who passed, who are thee for us in this dimension of Earth Plane. My mum passed a decade ago and shortly after she passed this unusual type of butterfly came and sat on the wall I spent a lot of time looking at because it was next to the screen I spent many hours a day looking at every day. She was renamed as Crystal and the lady in the video said "Crystal" just as I wrote that. It sat there for a few days! I knew it was my Mum letting me know she was there. The other day I got sort of attacked by a neighbour via a negative letter sent to the landlord, it was to do with this creative stuff I do. It was quite distressing to me. Next day when I walked into my living room in the morning, there was that same type of butterfly I hadn't seen since the one when my Mum passed, sitting on my window, and I knew it was my Mum saying "Hey, don't worry, you are a bit of a creative wildchild like me, I'm here for ya!" My Dad has also manifested many times to help me and he passed many years before, when I was in my 20's. I have other Guardian Angels too, not all of them are people who passed in this life, but sometimes when you need help, advice even, they turn up and tell you something.
    Also thought it was interesting her metaphor of the mobile home park. My analogy today was "Hostage Situation" I had two experiences in the last two weeks where I should really have died. On e was hitting concrete with high impact the other, nearly falling through scaffolding planks 25ft up, like Buster Keaton. But I survived both. And I felt like both of them were supposed to be an out for me and it felt like I am being held hostage in a solitary confinement situation, without any data from the outside world except what seems to be the lies of my captor who wont let me go and won't tell me why they are keeping me captive.

  14. she sounds fun! Would love to hang out with her. Her thought that this world is like living a week in a dark trailer park and then we move to the mansion is awesome! I try to be mindful of this and keep telling myself its only a little while.