“All the Burdens of Life Fell Off” | Wolfgang Moissl's Near Death Experience

“All the Burdens of Life Fell Off” | Wolfgang Moissl's Near Death Experience

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Wolfgang Hermann Moissl is an Architekt and creator. He lives in Germany. A number of many years back he experienced a profound near-death experience that encouraged him l to carefully rethink his own worldview, and considering the fact that this everyday living modifying party, he has gone through intensive research on the heritage of faith and philosophy.

This more encouraged him to produce a e-book about his experiences and findings, referred to as “Hereafter and Consciousness”. The title also refers to the main message of the reserve, particularly that there is a close relationship among these two phrases. In this interview Wolfgang Hermann Moissl speaks about his endeavors in attempting to connect his very own experiences with conclusions drawn from his research into the fields of religion and philosophy.

00:44 Would you start off by telling us which situation led to this near-death experience and what you expert at the time?
06:19 Light getting, what need to we have an understanding of by this? Would you be in a position to explain this in much more element?
08:21 When you consider of the enjoy that you felt – did you get the impact that this like came from the light being, or that it was related to this light remaining?
09:35 You talked about that rather immediately, you considered this out-of-body point out as something natural. Was it regular for you to see lifetime in a even bigger in general context?
12:33 How did you cope with your experiences afterwards on?
15:03 What took place just after you had made the decision to go back again into your body?
16:16 And you were being ready to don’t forget all the points that you just instructed me quickly soon after waking up?
16:45 In how significantly has the near-death experience had a long lasting effect on your way of pondering and your choice-creating in each day daily life?
18:50 If we chat about the keyword philosophy, what is your resumé?
20:23 What do the conditions materialistic and naturalistic sciences necessarily mean to you?
22:40 How do you understand religion?
25:40 From your standpoint, what is the crucial main of individuals? What is your conception of male?
28:24 Thanks to your several many years of experience and findings, is there anything that appears essential to you?

Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-above: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Werner Huemer
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
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  1. I had a NDE 26 years ago while undergoing an operation on my larynx to remove a polyp. My son was 4 years old. I left him with my friend while I was in theatre. Its something that frightened me so much. Even now talking about it is not easy. What this man describes is similar to my experience. The enveloping darkness. The being that comes to your side. The light before darkness. He'll is real. It's not a story. I negotiated my way back to earth. Death is transition from physical matter to spiritual being. You leave with your personality. You feel, talk, negotiate, just like you're on earth. Our personalities leave with us.

  2. “Science of the soul”. We are not the body. In this life rational, unenlightened are focused on the light shining on the wall reflecting from the surface of the water, and not on the source of the light shining upon the water causing the reflection.

  3. reLIEgions are for demeaning degrading demoralizing fear-mongering sssssstttttrrrreesss inducing…..the populations. This makes slavery to those, narcissistic authority psychos, like cutting butter with a hot knife. The masses dividing splintered separated makes their, authority, elitists, bank vault gods overflow.

  4. Hello everybody, I‘m happy to inform you that – by popular request – my book ‘Hereafter and Consciousness’ by Wolfgang Hermann Moissl (author) is now available in English language at Amazon in different countries all over the world.
    To purchase, please enter the book title and/or the authors name at Amazon search of your country.
    All the best, have a good time and stay healthy.
    Wolfgang Hermann Moissl

  5. As always in this area, the stories are compelling, and thank you for them.

    But notice the attitude of the interviewer.. notice the body language, the tilt of the head and the rotation of the eyes to the corners. He never gazes at his interviewee straight on, but rather like A sly voyeur who is witnessing from a position that is hidden or private. His entire facial head language is that of somebody who wishes to retain protectedness by not being in the direct line of sight or the direct loop of communication. He also has a very slight grin on his face, and, together with the angled eye position and head position, the whole body language is saying in effect, "I know what you're about already, I know your secret, I am looking at you with an ironic doubt.'

    His questions however, remain valid and pertinent. He is just a very insecure soul who must take this peripheral position in order to protect himself and keep himself in his supposed position of neutrality, and impossibility, but at least he is under such an illusion.

  6. The problem with religion is the human factor – lust for power, greed, etc, specially from religious leaders. Just following the Ten Commandments would lead us to better lives. We yearn for spirituality, mysticism.

  7. For me. I do not have to experience a NDE to go to heaven. Whenever I ask God the Father to go to heaven, my mind would wonder to the spiritual dimension of my God. Our Lord Jesus is there, the center of all created matters and human beings and spiritual beings.
    My experiences were confirmed by the experiences of those I have watched in YouTube. Example is I have seen in my spirit in heaven. a nursery of those who have been aborted or killed, etc.

  8. We are millenary spirits.
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.