“Age & Time” — Truth To Go — Todd Burpo and family with Natalie Tizzel “Heaven Is For Real” #6

“Age & Time” — Truth To Go — Todd Burpo and family with Natalie Tizzel “Heaven Is For Real” #6

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Todd Burpo is an Creator, Pastor and Father with an amazing tale of his then 4 yr old son Colton’s account of likely to Heaven. Colton survived unexpected emergency surgical procedure and above the up coming couple months he commenced to discuss about what he expert. The ebook is referred to as “Heaven Is For Actual” and you can get your duplicate in the course of our special provide this month.
The guide is presented for your greatest ministry present…advised amount of money is $25.00, but any donation is gratefully approved.

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  1. Lol its a fake story people done to make money. I can't believe people just believe these frauds without doing any research into the family. Nope all u have to do is say u r christian nowadays and thats good enough. Why is their not a free e-book online if they r truly christian and the dad is suppose to be a pastor! Todd burpo is one sick bastard who belongs in jail. People who have near death experiences seem to always experience whatever religion they follow. Not very amazing really

  2. these kid don't have any understanding of the scripture, even the Father who called himself a pastor of the churches of God, Let me read to you a verses of the scripture written by the Apostles of Christ, these is what Jesus said in one of His Apostles, John 20:29 Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed, but blessed are those who have not seen Me and yet have believed." Did our Lord Jesus Christ, and the God the Father appear to Burpo, or did the Apostles of Christ lying of the truth.? No wonder even Satan can pretend an angel of the Lord, who wants to be God of these world, Don't you know a lier is the son of the devil? and Satan is the Father of all lies, Don't you know our Lord Jesus Christ is the only Pastor who gave His life for His sheep, and nobody can snatch them out of His hand, all authority given to Him by the Father, who is sitting at the right hand of God, and all His Son enemy will be His Father foot stools, I was intrigue by Burpo father, Instead protecting his son from the trap of Satan, He just allow it out of ignorance of the scripture, and many will crept in unnotice among the churches of God, because many seen the Father, and the Son,and heard there voice, they will read other verse of the scripture out of context, many false preacher will come, Who will read the scripture written by the Prophets,and of the Apostles of Christ out of ignorance of the word of God, I know for fact how they twist the scripture, base on there own preconcieved idea, or base on there own philosopy, or the tradition of man through there own interpretation, or there own theology, who make there own parable,and there own proverb who Jesus is in there own carnal thinking, Amazing how they can preach to you a flattering word of man, there own goodness, these are the works of the flesh, not of the Spirit of God, You will know them by the work of the Spirit, If they are preaching g of themselves, or with the Spirit of God's Word, Christ Our Lord Jesus. They are not decipline by any writting of the scripture,or any ideology of God's written word. If no one will challenges this reckless preacher, many will believed a lie, and they are many liers in the churches of God, who read the Bible out of ignorance of the truth. these blind leaders will lead many innocent people of God into the lake of fire, Atlist I warned you, I noon her accountable for your stupidity of the scripture, The truth will set you free, don't be hard headed, just like many who rebels against God in the wilderness, Now the truth was revealed at the Cross, are you still under the power of darkness,or a slave of sin, or are you born of God a slave unto God righteousness of the law of Christ, not the law of Moses, May God Bless are those who are enlightened with the truth.