Afterlife Journey, Life Between Lives Answers

Afterlife Journey, Life Between Lives Answers

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This week’s specific episode is a adhere to up to our past episode wherever Melissa shared her Daily life In between Lives regression with hyponotherapist Nancy Canning. If you have not yet watched/listened to the prior episode, you could want to before watching/listening to this one particular (to gain the most).

Melissa goes into additional detail about her experience in this episode, and we remedy concerns like: Do we system our daily life-threatening disorders just before we are born into this everyday living? Are we truly greeted by our loved ones when we cross around? Did Melissa not have a spirit information? Why did Melissa feel to just take key elements of her experience so “casually”? And was the regressionist inquiring main inquiries in this regression? We really received some good queries from you, the viewers — so thank you!

Very little within info…Melissa’s photographs on this episode are from our mini-holiday to Acadia Nationwide Park and Bar Harbor, Maine. I ought to say it was a single of the most wonderful and romantic lengthy weekends we have had in 40 years. We experienced 70-degree climate in October. If you view the photos on YouTube, you’ll see a crow that visited us on Cadillac Mountain and a sunset on that mountain that was spectacular. Just watch each sunset photo in order and you will witness the sun likely down. We also observed the dawn a person morning. Just imagine the sunset in reverse.

I hope you get pleasure from this exclusive stick to up episode, and if you have any responses, feel absolutely free to depart them on, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Considerably enjoy, Bob Olson ~ &

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  1. Listening to the explanation of "the darkness" made me think of what if must be like in the womb for a fetus. It's dark and floaty but you see still see, hear and experience things. It was also interesting that while Bob and Melissa are together in this life that they are together "over there" at the same time. It's all a holographic type experience. We are everywhere, but hone down to the point we are currently, but still function of the various holographic points simultaneously.

  2. Thank you for this dialog Bob, highly informative as always. Please keep making them, we appreciate your work.Your interviews are very in-depth and I always walk away having learned something new or a confirmation of something I have sensed before. P.S. I bought your book the magic mala but have not had the time to read it yet.

  3. bob , I feel like I want to move onto other worlds densities dimensions galaxies universes or whatever you call it after this life. coming back here over and over to the earth is hard I would assume even though you forget each time.

  4. I’ve been watching you off and on for years . In fact when I started my spiritual awakening you were the first that I watched and I learned so much and still am . Thank you for doing this ! ❤️❤️

  5. When I was 22 (1974), I was introduced to Jane Roberts' books and the Seth materials, reincarnation and all the rest. Since I didn't come from a very religious family, I had few if any barriers or preconceived ideas. What I did have was a somewhat unhappy childhood. The idea of soul contracts and choosing things before you're born was a great comfort to me and just made so much sense. I didn't think about as much in the last 20 years, but now things like your videos keep coming into my life. I know I am being guided to get back into this. I can see myself working with past lives for myself and others. In the meantime, I'll keep watching your videos and reading. Thank you for all you do.

  6. I really needed that explanation of the "Darkness." My grandmother came to me after she died (40 years ago), in a "dream" that was strikingly real (and as clear as if it happened last night), and I always described it as us being in a dark space like a cave or something. Now I have a better understanding of what that was.

    I also loved this interview for all of the clarifications to Melissa's experience. Thank you both for this amazing discussion, and all the work you are doing in this realm!