After Inhaling Bathtub Water He Took A Walk With God *NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE*

After Inhaling Bathtub Water He Took A Walk With God *NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE*

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Near-death experience podcast guest 545 is Gene Moss who experienced a near death experience thanks to inhaling bathtub water following partying 4 times straight. For the duration of his NDE experience he was strolling with God.

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  1. The awakening is very real. It is something that is hard to explain and many won't understand until they experience it. I find that many of us share a few common things after…1)we lose interest in material things, 2) we become closer to the naturistic part of life, which leads to 3) wanting to live alone out in the woods somewhere with very little, just nature. Great story here.

  2. If I could speak honestly…..Jeff I love all your interviews, but this one here is by far my favorite!!! I truly love and honestly love this guy… straight forward and just down to earth u know? This is the first time that I've watch one of your interviews and re-watched immediately again and not only that, I rewind while I'm watching it. Absolutely loved it, I feel like I love everyone now!!! I always gave homeless people a few bucks, matter of fact I kept a stash in my glove compartment just for that purpose, but you know my kids and other 'church' people says I'm wasting money or that's not of God because you know they're going to use for drugs or alcohol or whatever, but I still gave them money and felt guilty about because of what 'the church people' said, and now I here this guy's prospective and it makes perfect sense. Thanks again Jeff, keep em coming!!!!!!

  3. Life after death exists as a global phenomenon, that is If the concept of an eternally inflating multiverse is correct, then sooner or later an exact copy of yourself will randomly be created from scratch and will be realised in some future bubble universe with it's own separate big bang event and subsequent evolution somewhere else in the eternally inflating multiverse. The rate that new bubble universes would form would increases exponentially with time. Once bubble universes form they expand, but the space in between them expands even faster continuously creating room for more and more bubble universes to form because once inflation starts it can sustain the production of new bubble universes forever. An exact copy of you is NOT you because they have no link to you but they have an exact copy of your brain, consciousness and soul as the particles that came together to make their brain, consciousness and soul randomly came together in the exact same way that made your brain, consciousness and soul. Over the course of eternity you exact life you have lived so far and every other possible variation of your life will ultimately be lived an infinite number of times by other exact copies of you living on other exact copies of this Earth in other exact copies of our observable universe in other bubble universes elsewhere in the eternally inflating multiverse. Sorry life after (your) death does NOT exist because there is no way for the soul to survive death and there is no way for the information stored in your brain to persist after you die. Near death and out of body experiences are just the brain going haywire and hallucinating when it is nearly dead as there is NOT enough oxygen getting to the brain when it is shutting down. If they are NOT revived their brain, consciousness and soul will no longer function and they will go kaput. An exact copy of you is NOT you but is compatible with you. It is made from the same template or mould as you, it is the only relationship it has of being you, nothing else.

  4. I’m not sure why people that have these near death experiences don’t clean to the Bible it is so obvious everything they discuss is right there in the Bible. Hundreds upon hundreds of years of study all culminate in the Bible

  5. Stay out of drugs folks. I mean, I have my share of beers and drinks and i use to smoke cigarettes, quit since 92. . Now it is all gone. Ok, take a beer on occasions. All those things are low vibe and sabotage you. Compliments to a great channels.

  6. People often grieve because they feel that the death of a loved one was an "accident" of some sort. Something that wasn't supposed to happen. But no one's death takes place by chance. We know when we're going to die before we even come here. It's all planned ahead of time. You come here. You (hopefully) DO what you came here to do…while pretending to be a human animal. And then you go back to where you came from…with a fresh perspective. And then, likely, you'll do it again. Why? Because eternity is a long time.

  7. Jesus said we are ALL gods, an emphasis on (g)ods as opposed to God.

    Therefore we ALL must exist in a separate consciousness and when we finish here on earth we continue as such. We were created in the image of God, i.e. we are a small part of what God is and created in His own image. We are separate yet as 1.