After his Near-Death Experience John has an Incredible Life Journey!

After his Near-Death Experience John has an Incredible Life Journey!

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This podcast’s visitor is John Scott. John is a painter and the Author of the ebook God’s Mountain. In his reserve he writes about his Near Death Experience and how he was taken back thousands and thousands of years in the earlier study out the origin of the wonderful pyramid and a lot more. This is John’s next time on the podcast and we study far more about what occurred to him right after his near death experience.

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  1. Regarding @~6mins comments: I believe Humans on Earth have "individual choice" because we're incarnated to believe we're separated from Source. So, if you're separated, you don't think or relate to the whole. Other entities KNOW of their awareness and attachment to Source, and thus don't make choices based on the individual, because the KNOW there is no such thing.

    @17min: Discharging the causal body energy, can also be described as Tom Campbells theory that it is being stored in Gods' mind. It's just giving all the information/action you did and giving it to the memory of God.

  2. 1:01 he talks about people drinking mild: i had a dream once where the people went out and bought meat and my husband (Jesus) came into the cafe and said, i know there's a lot of work to do but i want you (all) home soon. whatever 'soon' is to 'them'.

  3. Amazing he just gave confirmation on 6/21 being a date to pray because I just saw a video of a Native American woman saying the Chef has called the world to pray for ghe earth on that date.

  4. John is amazing. He blew my mind. My brain was about to crash and melt just like the villain in Indian Jones 4. My human brain just can handle this. John had to explain to us in linear term so I can process linearly.

  5. I understand that John feels he does not translate the information in what he considers a proper way, because what he has experienced, and continues to learn, is just so vast and complex. But if you read this John, what you share with us, and the way in which you are sharing it, is not only expressed well, but you are making the incomprehensible, more comprehensible for us. Please John, do not be so hard on yourself. Treat yourself with kindness through this, it's what The Creator wants. You have more support and friends than you know.

  6. You talk about Uluru… I have been there slept under stars.. my first thought about seeing Uluru.. was it was smaller than the last time I saw it.. and that was the very first time I have been there.. and that spirit that hangs around on-top of it.. I knew full well I personally wouldn't won't to mess with it.. also regarding underneath I actually was more interested in looking under as I know there is stairs is a monolith you only see what is on top like a size of a finger nail the rest is like a ice berg you can't see it and goes for miles.. it is also known as the heart charakra …
    I do believe you have to be some what invited to visit especially stay I am talking about on a spiritual perspective…there is so much about Uluru.. I call it my friend.. more than a human friend could be..