After Getting Hit By A Car He Saw The Future During His Near Death Experience

After Getting Hit By A Car He Saw The Future During His Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience podcast 540 visitor is Gary Wimmer who experienced an NDE experience after getting run above by a auto. His near death experience discovered the Unity that underlies all matters and nevertheless profoundly impacts him to this day.

Gary L. Wimmer has been a professional psychic for about forty decades, and has been referred to as a medium, intuitive, healer, instructor, spiritualist, and clairvoyant. He provides readings working with pure instinct, common enjoying playing cards, and Lithomancy, a interesting but little-regarded methodology, and is the creator of LITHOMANCY, THE PSYCHIC Artwork OF Looking through STONES, the only extensive reserve on this amazingly revealing methodology, offered on Amazon and
Kindle. Gary also wrote A 2nd IN ETERNITY, the correct story about the powerful and enlightening
“near-death” experience (NDE) he had in 1977 that disclosed the Unity that underlies all issues,
and nonetheless profoundly influences him to this day.

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  1. I REALLY ENJOYED GARY. I have abilities that I shut down. I went to see a gifted lady long time ago and when i walked in she was going wild. She was in her 70s and said OH MY GOD,!! YOU!! YOU ARE THE ONE I BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS FOR! She went on and on and on about my abilities. I had a little idea about me but not like THAT. AFTER ARGUING…LOL. SHE told me I could do it! Do readings, crack fraud cases with police etc etc. I had no clue WHAT she was talking about. She pulled out playing cards no clue what I was supposed to do. She shuffled and slit into 3. I picked a pile I think? She told me to fan them out in my hsnd and just grab a few and throw them down. That was her past. I saw she was married and hubby died and how hurt she was But one day she decided I have to live my life.
    Next clump I threw down was the present. I had vision of her at her trailer? How everyone just loved her and they wave as she drove in, Terrys here, oh theres Terry. Hi terry…then I said Oh. I think your selling your trailer.
    Last cards threw down on table. I said oh your selling your trailer and going on a trip somewhere. The end. Thats all I got. She said I was right. She bought trailer off a relative. She been there a long time. A lady from the town became friends with her and lady visit often in morning for tea/coffee and the year I met her the owner of trailer part got rude and said she had to pay to park when lady visited. Terry was mad and said No I pay already. Well rules of park us IF you want to sell trailer you have to go through owner of park. Terry being mad put 4 sale sign outside park. So big feud. She said when trailer sells she planning to go on trip with her sister.
    I was shocked!!!! Myself!! What just happened???
    Then she gave me a gold necklace with a little design on it with tiny green Stone. She told me to hold it and tell her what I get. Get?? Well I argued I dont know w to do!! I can't do that! I never did this before blah blah. She said look just sit there with it, relax, close your eyes and Im going to washroom and I ask when I come out.
    Well now Im frustrated! Kind of angry. She came out washroom asking me what I got. I said I dont know what Im doing.
    She told me tell spirit you are ready and sit calm, clear your mind.
    All of a sudden a SHORT MOVIE CLIP type thing played in my head.
    I saw older lady walking with child. I saw the back of them, not faces. Green green grass, trees. They on a path. Hands swinging close but not holding. I told her I don't think its his mom. Might be grandma.
    She said keep going after it stopped. I said few times nope that's it, how did I do. She said try again.
    Sat for few minutes and Oh boy!!
    I said. The lady died. I see her in casket. There is dark wood casket. Few flowers on each end of her casket and the only one there is the child. It STOPPED.
    SHE TOLD ME! YES LADY WAS HER BEST FRIEND, THE DAUGHTER GAVE TERRY THE NECKLACE AS MEMORY. THE CHILD WAS GRANDSON, THEY VERY CLOSE AND BOY FOUND GRANDMA DEAD ON FLOOR. I WAS SOOO SHOCKED. I have no one to practice on. That was around 2012. When we have a vision WE CAN RECAL IT JUST LIKE WHEN I SAW IT THAT DAY. SOOO WEIRD. I have had other things just come to me but very very random. I actually saw Donald Trump as President on a vision like a post card or tv screen. I told 2 dental offices I worked for and when it did happen no one really said anything. Why?? I had proof and no one care. I was disappointed. I never used any abilities Because I work 12 hour shifts. Im 58 and I get so exhausted. I think they are still with me as I feel them sort of activate while Gary is talking. Its like a sensation. A funny feeling in my body. When people talk about light source I get the same feeling. Very interesting. I believe him. I have a whole testimony of other things with me but its 100% BIBLICAL and its wayyy tooo much to explain. I reached out to Jeff at one point but Im not ready and the way I explained it I think he wasnt clear as to what I was saying. Im too scared to go public. Maybe some day but I did share some personal things. Thank you Jeff and Gary very great testimony of things we just cant explain. I think that's my biggest problem. I cant wrap my head around ME. I try to hard to analyze it all. I need to free my mind.

  2. I find it interesting that your guests have experienced the other side and yet still think that what happens here really matters. It's all a game of gathering experiences and learning lessons. What happens outside your reality shouldn't be important… but as humans being programmed here people care too much about what's going on in the world or with others if it doesn't directly effect your reality. I believe caring about what others do or think about you only causes you drama and stress. A great famous line… "Mind your own business".

  3. think the visualization of America split in two is just the fact that it is so politically divided. Hopefully people can start listening to each other and try to understand our differences and not hate each other just based on political affiliation

  4. In relation to Jeff's questions about how Gary (and other guests) perceived the "other side", can I ask Jeff to enquire about getting Jurgen Ziewe on to this program? He has decades of experience travelling out of body to many levels or dimensions of being, including perhaps the highest possible for a human. As a graphic artist, Jurgen creates digital landscapes that reflect what he has seen, has written several fascinating books, and may benefit from the exposure to Jeff's audience. He is also an intelligent and astute observer of his experiences, which add greatly to the general picture of our wider existence.

  5. I think we all agree, to a degree, that we are lied to by the powers that be. Whether it be 9/11, elections/politics, vaccines, JFK, etc. Ive noticed that a lot of these "psychics" never come out and tell the truth behind these events. In these interviews, and on other channels, they either say nothing or go along with the main stream story.

  6. Please watch Sheila Shaw's near death experience. There are 17 parts but start with part 2:
    She explains that all of us originally were with God in heaven but just like human children who want to go and explore without Mom and Dad around, we wanted to go and explore and because God loves us so much he gave us free will and allowed us to do that. She explained that we all have demons whispering in our ears and that when someone hurts us we can truly forgive them if we realize that it's the demons encouraging and making them do harmful hurtful things, not the actual person. And that it's imperative that we forgive each other and love each other because we're all connected and if we harm One another we're harming ourselves and God!!