After Dying During Childbirth, Claudia Has a Near Death Experience!

After Dying During Childbirth, Claudia Has a Near Death Experience!

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Induce Warning! This online video may well be upsetting for you to hear about her experience in the clinic. Podcast visitor 100 is Claudia Watts Edge. Claudia experienced a profound near death experience in 1984, when she and her new-born newborn died alongside one another in a placenta-similar catastrophe. Her journey into totally understanding her NDE took over 30 a long time to evolve, and as a outcome, she has composed two textbooks exploring the spiritual mysteries of the Other Side as observed as a result of her memories and goals. They are titled, Items from the Edge: Stories of the Other Aspect and Quantity Two: Classes from the Other Facet.

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  1. I have been listening to many of this programs; certain information explains things I have seen. I was alive and well – no NDE. I saw the veil open up and a small butterfly with the bright light flew through. I saw small orbs moving through my home. I didn't understand what I was seeing and why. I still don't know why I saw them. I moved to a home in Texas, and I have seen a lot of evil and listen to man for years about evil and how it doesn't have power unless you give it power. I have less and and less evil to deal with. I really enjoy this programs. When my mother passed away, before she passed she told me that heaven and hell both exist on earth. I was so scared that she was leaving me – I didn't ask her why she said that. I wish I had asked her questions. I am too afraid to watch someone die – I will leave if I think someone is going to die. I personally am not afraid of death for me – but I don't want to see someone else die for some reason.

  2. Interesting experience here but in all fairness, there are many people who were not godly – never heard of nor believed in Jesus (including children) who felt his energy during their NDEs so it has absolutely nothing to do with any 'previous fears or biases' as alluded to somewhere in this discussion.
    Your experience is a VALID as theirs.

  3. Anytime an unsaved person willingly or helplessly lets go of the reins of their consciousness, they’re giving demons permission to channel whatever deception their observance of that person taught them they will accept. You’ll go to the same fate as they will at the end of the world – unless you trust Jesus Christ before then!

  4. LOL everything you’re saying about God, Jesus, sin, etc, and that Jesus is not God (even though the Bible makes it clear that he is) is EXACTLY what Satan wants us to think – and you’re doing his evil work for him. Nice job with no pay!

  5. Awesome testimony, wonderful woman and story. Jeff: a question: I love your show however could you please put a trigger warning on this one for survivors of violence? Her before-death surgery without any anesthesia is potentially pretty triggering for folks with PTSD, survivors of violence and abuse. Could you please do that on this one? Thank you very much.

  6. I have heard other NDE's about the warmth and peace in the dark 'void'…I do think, however, many people cannot relate to that as 'darkness' has a negative connotation on earth. I, for one, would be mortified to go into the 'darkness' because I have an association with a claustrophobic feeling with it. It does make me feel better to hear there is such peace there. I wonder if any people who have the same 'phobia' (for lack of better word) were later in that darkness, during an NDE, if they felt the same way (peaceful and safe)? Anyway, sad that people misinterpret her NDE to be negative due to this, especially since this misinterpretation makes Claudia feel reluctant to share her experience, which is not cool. She is the one who experienced this, therefore her interpretation is what counts and if it was positive for her, then that's that.

  7. Talking about being animals in past or future lives. There was a time when I was so burnt out and exhausted on every level for such an extended period of time (years) and felt so much sadness and grief that I seriously wanted to reincarnate as a dog. A dog in a good home. Lots of rest, affection, no responsibilities. I really really wanted to be a dog.

  8. Hi Jeff, I am amazed at some of the things your guests say. I think they definitely experienced something and glad they are sharing. I wonder at times about you and how you remain very objective and don't really side either way but respect everyone's experience…I wonder what are your true feelings about your guests? I have to admit some guests are pretty far out there and I don't listen to the full podcast if they are so far from what I'm feeling being real or true….But I am amazed how your show has extremes…One NDE is Christian based and then one NDE is about Reincarnation…and some guest say they are Christian and believe in Reincarnation…so its interesting to get so many varied experiences…Thank you for your Podcast. Good Work!

  9. I can totally relate to her story and experiences. I have the Exact same experiences and Spiritual classes in my dreams. I know the difference between my Spiritual classes verses past life, alternative lives, or just normal dreams. I have journals of notes and Even drawings of what I've been taught. And Yes, Jesus is my friend and I have walked and sat and talked with him. Her story is the First one I've heard that I can completely relate too. It's amazing to hear someone telling so much of my own experiences!

  10. Yes Claudia, the trees, the boulders and flowers and grasses, the meadows and forests, the planets and stars are conscious. If only all the people were conscious, that would be the answer to many prayers. Jesus is my friend too. Thank you for the wonderful share.