After 2 Different Near Death Experiences, She Understood that NDEs Reflected Her Ingrained Beliefs

After 2 Different Near Death Experiences, She Understood that NDEs Reflected Her Ingrained Beliefs

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Near-Death Experiences podcast guest 577 is Michelle Welch, creator, psychic medium and lawyer . We talked over her nde experiences, her guide Spirits Unveiled and the selection of energetic beings around us and how to connect with them.

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  1. Another thing I love (About 376 of them) about Jeff Mara podcast. They don't hide or remove your comments, within reason. You can disagree or otherwise and still have your voice be heard. Most channels ONLY want you to agree with their position, or your voice is removed. KUDOS to both of you. You two are FAR above the rest out there.

  2. I wonder what this guest or audience members think about narcissists and psychopaths. Are they neuro-atypical humans? Hybrids? Aliens? Malevolent spirits? Grey people?

    They certainly teach us major lessons in life! I just don’t know where to place these “people” in the new paradigm I am forming after listening to all these NDE and multi-dimensional stories as well as my own paranormal and unfortunate familial and romantic relationship experiences. I feel a similar darkness when I am around certain people as I have felt when I have seen some dark energies.

    Specifically, I am wondering if someone does not have a conscience, feel remorse, or are significantly impaired in the empathy department, how does the after life go? Is there a life review? If part of an NDE, do the Cluster B traits improve when they come back?

  3. She dodged specific answers to the questions regarding her NDEs. Makes me think that she either doesn't like talking about them (which would be strange, since she sought the show and has written books), or she didn't have them.
    But she sure remembered to softly plug her book a couple of times.

    I could be wrong, but I am skeptical of this one.

  4. I think she is leading people the wrong way and she is not going to a nice place. The reason I say this is because we are here to help people who are alive and here. Not to live in fantasy and lead people to bring in bad negative non God things into their life. She is definitely wealthy and seems to me she is bored and needs to do some charity volunteer work w real suffering people who are living.

  5. I agree with pretty much everything she stated. I am glad someone else spoke about 'all the different forms/beings' you can see down here and never to listen to any one being/person, who tells you ONLY LISTEN TO THEM. EXCELLENT. Great Job as always Jeff. Michelle was spot on, terrific.