Abuse in my childhood followed me until…

Abuse in my childhood followed me until…

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Ivan Wapenisk shares his extraordinary testimony of how his daily life has been adjusted by Jesus right after childhood trauma.

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  1. God's eyes are not closed. This "man of God" is going to get it bad. I think there is a special place for the ones that put themselves up as christians, but then use it to harm God's children. They are in for a huge surprise.

    Sorry to hear. Sickness comes in all forms and people. May God help you for the rest of your life

  2. This is a powerful story of healing and forgiveness, thank you, Lord! A couple of comments below seem to infer that God has a special punishment for certain sins. This is a common human perspective because we judge from "our perspective" yet God who is rich in mercy, grace, and forgiveness will save anyone who calls on the name of Jesus and repents. To me, one evident fact of the power of God's forgiveness is King David- after he raped and murdered. God's love is far beyond what we can comprehend. And this brother who was abused has found it in his heart to forgive is even more evidence of the power of God's love!

  3. So happy this man survived his abuse. God bless this man for asking God to help him forgive. God bless those who have the courage to do what is right in the first place and report child abusers, too. I know the reality of knowing people that struggle with suicidal idealizations due to sexual abuse from a parent or authority. Perpetrators usually end up hurting generations of children and most do not reform. Protect the child–not the perpetrator. Please.

  4. This may sound like an odd comment but just a friendly suggestion. Your set is SO lovely and really nice aesthetically but the thumbnails to the videos are quite the opposite and off putting. Can they merge possibly? Thanks!

  5. I am so sorry that you had to endure this extremely tragic situation I would love to come on this channel and tell my testimony It's a real long one but God is bringing me through healing day by day living with complex post-traumatic stress disorder has been a very real challenge to say the least but God Is Bigger