A Woman Died And Met Her Deceased Grandpa And Returned | Near Death Experience | NDE

A Woman Died And Met Her Deceased Grandpa And Returned | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. This is eerily like a part of Bryan Melvin’s NDE. Demonic beings create an elaborate fake scene of someone’s childhood down to the favorite food smells, and then appear as grandparents and deceased family members. It’s all a deception and in reality it will be hell, then they will show themselves and laugh at your naïvety as they drag you away. Do NOT be deceived. You must test whatever NDE you find yourself in by calling upon Jesus, the Son of God of the Bible. Jesus can then show you the truth. Any NDE without Him is fake as all get out.

  2. Beautiful nde. I've had several mystical experience's from obes to nearly dying and well nearly dying for 2 weeks I had this profound sense of love that I've never experienced on earth before it wasn't just a sense of being loved but also it increased my ability to love others and my empathy sky rocketed when I saw people upset I had a strong urge to comfort them even though I didn't know them like people I saw in the hospital. At one point I even thought all my life I've been broken and unable to love and what ever was happening to me had some how fixed my brain and made me able to feel that emotion. Unfortunately after two weeks or so it faded. I can't describe the pain and emptiness I felt even today I cry sometimes wishing it would come back so I can shine and love others like I did those 2 weeks. Today relationships are hard for me cause I feel like I'm unable to love others. Sometimes I wish I didn't fight so hard to stay alive so I wouldn't have lost the love. I honestly can't wait to go home as I feel incomplete and useless on earth without not being able to be in that state. I know I have some mission here to fulfill and I'd never take my life but I'd be lying if I said I never thought about it. God bless all and if your suffering know it's just temporary and we're not given more then we can handle. I've pretty much seen ever last nde video on YouTube plus all of iands videos I feel blessed to have these resources well on earth having these videos have made these difficult experience's so much easier to cope with. To all the people who post them and to all the people who share I wholeheartedly say thank you.

  3. I saw my younger brother twice when I was sick with pneumonia due to covid. I woke up and there he was. He was sitting on a small stool and he looked worried. He had passed away 4 years ago. I didn't think I was going to make it, especially at 76. I wish I could have seen my older brother as well. He had passed away a year ago.

  4. I was a child around age 8, very sick with bronchitis. I awoke coughing in the night and saw a lady with pioneer clothing and she was standing at the foot of my bed. She had a big rim hat, the type southern ladies wore to keep the sun off their skin so I could not see her face. She stood there and looked at me. I got scared and closed my eyes for quite a few minutes. When I opened them she took one last look then exited to my left into the wall. I feel she was a great grandmother looking in on me.