A Soldier's NDE: Glenn Brymer

A Soldier's NDE: Glenn Brymer

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In 1971 Glenn Brymer experienced an outstanding Near Death Experience, NDE, while serving in the U.S. Army. He was stationed in Germany at a area to air missile device on the Czechoslovakian border when a terrible incident transpired.
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  1. When my father passed…among other events…I recall being inside the center of a white static sphere of energy that had windows. The windows were not straight edged but reminded me of the movie contact where they were like vignette. The windows on my side were blurred out but the center window in front was my father walking in green grass towards a house.

    These experiences don’t just happen to those dying…sometimes those of us who are living get to share a glimpse of God’s love for us.

  2. What an incredible experience. I love how you addressed god..so you, so your experience. This is how it is for all, very unique, very what you believe will happen. It’s good to check your beliefs and understand you go where you think /believe you go. Even nowhere, except your nowhere is still connected, conscious. I have heard of people who realize they can leave it though…so many experiences, all so different but similar. I know we keep on going. I am not afraid to die anymore. I’m not afraid to live here now either. It’s awesome.