83-Year-Old Recalls Leaving Body, Tunnel Travel, Seeing Spiritual Being

83-Year-Old Recalls Leaving Body, Tunnel Travel, Seeing Spiritual Being

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Afterlife Television http://www.afterlifetv.com : In this week’s episode, Robert shares the incredible experience he had above 40 a long time ago in which the information are even now crystal clear. He tells us the fashion in which he left his body, who he met outside his body, and the profound knowing he acquired during his experience. I make clear the variation involving out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and near-death experiences (NDEs) and why Robert’s story interestingly has indications of equally. In talking about some of the hallmarks of OBEs and NDEs, I communicate about the appealing function religion frequently plays and, ultimately, I explain the worth of the Akashic Records and how they guide in our spiritual growth. You will find so a great deal to achieve from this week’s episode, you really don’t want to miss it!

Thank you to all of you who’ve still left Amazon assessments for the two of my textbooks, Answers About the Afterlife and my most recent book, The Magic Mala. I’m so grateful for your opinions and the experiences you might be obtaining as a result of reading them. Be sure to go away your opinions for the display on AfterlifeTV.com, YouTube, Fb and Twitter. I would appreciate to hear from you! Pics, as normally, are sweet Melissa’s.

Till up coming time, Bob Olson ~ AfterlifeTV.com & BobOlson.com

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  1. Imo you can have an OBE if it's your time to experience them and/or you put your intent to it and are without fear.. Well, you can be fearful but then the OBE will last a couple of seconds. Once in OBE the possibilities are infinite and within varying rule-sets, you create your reality. I've come to believe that this reality is just another realm among many realms in which we learn and teach others to become better spirits. I enjoy every OBE story just like Robert's because it remembers everyone that we're all in this together. Great stuff! Greeting from the Netherlands.

  2. I've never had an OBE, but somehow I wish I did! After listening and reading about so many of these experiences, I get a sense that people who have had an OBE gain more clarity to their lives afterwards.

  3. I am enjoying the bite size format; it's 'just enough' and I love hearing other's stories. I will have to share an experience I had approximately 10 months ago with you at some point. Similar to Robert's, but not 🙂 Thank you, Bob, for all the happiness you bring.

  4. quick note: I write this not as a Christian but a reader of many experiences – a number of non-Christians have, indeed, seen Jesus during their experiences, i.e. a figure from a religion not their own. Just a matter of record.

  5. Bob, I am curious is why their is a veil between the "living" and those who have passed away? Why are we not born knowing all our past lives and the ability to communicate with those who have passed away. Why are some people able to break through the veil an communicate with the dead and others can remember past lives through hypnotic regression?

  6. Bob, I had a similar spontaneous experience in 2004. At the time, I was sitting having lunch with my husband and another couple. They were having a conversation which I wasn't too interested in at the time and I was on the side-line so to speak. Suddenly, I was 'somewhere else'. I was in a cocoon of light. I don't know how I knew I was inside but I felt protected. The cocoon was at the same time infinite. Then I had a feeling of a presence, like the gentleman here described – a being in 'biblical attire', glowing and beaming toward me a feeling of unconditional love. Like Robert, I didn't think to put the name of Jesus to this being. To name it would be too small a thing. I had the sense, of all the love that ever was and will be felt by every mother/father ,was being showered onto and into me. I had the feeling that I had come back, I belonged there but that I was visiting. I was shown earth from above and I felt an understanding and a need to let everyone know that they are connected to this light all the time. Total understanding and forgiveness is already given for future deeds and no guilt is ever necessary. I knew that a record of every thought or deed exists, like we can fast forward or rewind infinitely. I had a sense that the past, present and future is all happening at the same time. Suddenly I was back in the room, listening to the conversation going on. I don't know how long I was 'gone' or if time stood still when I was there. Immediately I went to my friend and asked for a pen and paper and privately wrote down – the date – unconditional love / cocoon of light. I was initially in complete awe of my experience. But then life with two young boys took over and I felt it was something I couldn't explain or control anyway, so I tried to forget about it. With the advance of the internet I'm finding people who have had similar experiences, although they have been close up death and had NDEs. I had no sensation of any medical condition happening to me immediately before, or after my experience.

  7. I've been struggling for many years and have been exposed to mediums who were able to disclose things that they would have no way of knowing (private conversations ect) and I've paid for angel card readings ect… That were a complete farce.
    I've been skeptical of this channel… Until now.
    I am grateful I opened up to expierence what you have to share.
    Thank you! Came at a much needed time!

  8. something very similar happened to me in 1976. I was "age 19" i've been telling people about it ever since. it changed my life forever. the internet has indeed brought us together. and once you KNOW this truth, you can't UN-KNOW it. it stays vivid and constant, as if it were yesterday, not 40 years ago. thank you for your great channel and community.