5 Key Factors That Determine How & When We Die

5 Key Factors That Determine How & When We Die

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Episode 3 of Time 8 of Afterlife Television (if you skipped episodes 1 or 2, observe them initial): I assume this the most effective episode of the very first 3 episodes. Right here I focus on 5 essential aspects that identify how and when we die. Ever question how it is that a soul chooses when to leave the world — when to return residence to the spirit globe? Right here are the 5 primary components that our soul utilizes to make that preference.

I close this episode with a very particular clip from one of my interviews with anyone who experienced a near-death experience. I selected this highlight clip for the reason that it speaks to how significant we just about every are as spiritual beings inhabiting this earth. Claimed one more way, this speaks to how critical YOU are to this globe. I cannot feel of a extra crucial message to give you correct now. So have pleasurable listening (or watching), and I search forward to your comments. A great deal like, Bob Olson ~ AfterlifeTV.com & BobOlson.com

Loving gratitude to my wife, Melissa, for the use of all her remarkable photographs for our online video.

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  1. Bob thank you so much! Yes Natalie Sudman has so much to tell us. I think your series of interviews with her are among the best to be found on YT. I thought the two of you were really in sync in those conversations. You are both really funny and very inquisitive. Your conversations made SO much sense to me and have brought me great insight and joy. I bought Natalies book after the second interview, and it is a great and insightful book, but your interviews with her add depth that is nowhere else to be found. I love your work Bob! Bless you.

  2. Excellent audio show. Very thought provoking to say the least. The part about how helpful people were for you & their generosity was a really great reminder that most human being are positive souls in training. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Bob for the wisdom you share.  My beautiful daughter Heather, died of cancer…she stood with us for a few moments in hospice house as she left her body – her long blond hair restored as she stood radiating a beauty and love that took my breath away.  I continue to see her, sense her, feel her embrace and receive Love and wisdom from her that is beyond our current human experience.  She has opened that door.  So I know without any doubt that all you share is from Spirit.Thank you for the work you do to enlighten humanity to who we truly are – Spirit Beings having a human experience,Eternally, Bonita Wutzke

  4. Thank you so much for this video Bob…I needed to hear this!! You will never know how much your videos have guided me and comforted me through the years…yes years!! Been a fan for a long time!! When one of your videos pop up in my feed I know for SURE, I need to put a priority on that video! Sometimes I come to your channel looking for something specific…But they are always incredibly helpful! So THANK YOU BOB!! I appreciate you and love your work as has been so important to me at so many times during the time I have been subscribed!!

  5. In 2007 at the age of 58 I had a heart attack and a NDE. I didn't want to leave that wonderful place, but found I had no choice and had to return to this life. I couldn't figure out why and lamented that I was made to come back. Fast forward to Sept. 13 of this year (2020). My partner (a wonderful human being who dearly loved his family and friends and demonstrated it countless times) of 36 years passed of a heart attack. He was 85, and despite having had two heart attacks in the 1990's and diabetic, his doctors said he was in great shape for his age despite those conditions (he looked and acted 25 years younger). His passing was sudden and a big shock. I was overcome with great grief and loneliness I nearly couldn't cope with. It then dawned on me that I was sent back to be here for him. If I'd have gone first, he'd have suffered far worse grief and loneliness than me. I say that because of my NDE I knew our consciousness/spirit/soul goes on, but he always said "when I die I hope that's the end for me"…he used to ask "what is the purpose for our lives, why do we exist?". I thank the creator/guides/ascended spirits that I was here for him to bear the pain of loss instead of him. All those I was "connected" to are gone because they've passed. I feel deep inside that I've completed my reason for being here and that I won't see this Christmas. I feel great joy at the thought of joining my loved ones, it's really the only thing that relieves me of the grief and loneliness I still feel in his passing (which lessen more and more each day as the joy of returning "home" grows within me).

  6. Terrific episode, Bob! I purchased this book a few years ago and still refer back to it when questions arise in my life. So many key points there that I wish I could share with people in my life. Over the years in my nursing career, I spent a lot of time with dying patients and that proved to be invaluable for my own spiritual growth. Just want you and others to know that the “answers” you provide in your book are accurate and truly helpful. Thank you, Bob!