3rd Generation Atheist Meets Jesus, Gets Shown The Door

3rd Generation Atheist Meets Jesus, Gets Shown The Door

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Sy Garte is a 3rd generation atheist. He went on to come to be a scientist and in his education and learning, Garte identified many inconsistencies …

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  1. Politics has NOTHING to do with atheism, there are atheists in ALL walks of life. rep or dem. God is not for one or the other, he loves them both whatever they call themselves. I do not believe in worshiping a politician, not hailing to a red white and blue rag that means nothing, Jesus is the light and the way ONLY.

  2. There are people who practice religion who also would describe themselves as either atheists or agnostics. Religious practice isn't at all the same thing as faith or spiritual knowledge – it may be a tradition which holds comfort for people, but which doesn't inform them about our place in creation or all of existence.
    For some people, the door is in a wall called Christianity. But for others, the wall has another name. It doesn't matter what you call the wall, the point is that if we have "forgotten" the Source, we can pass through a door that allows us to remember.

  3. I’m so glad God was able to open his heart and mind. The thing about science and scientists is they assume all the progress they’ve made in such little time is purely due to man, when in reality it’s divine inspiration that gave them the ability to learn all that they have.

  4. Jesus says i am the door of the sheep thisr who comes through Me will find pasture for their soul He also says iam the way the thruth and the life.Put your faith and trust in Jesus believes in your heart that Jesus is lord and God raised Him from the death and you will be saved Romans10:9.He is the door to the Father thr wall speaks of our own efforts to come to him thats impossible.We are only saved by grace through faith thats the gift of God.Ephesians2:8

  5. Incredible testimony. With God, all things are possible and when He chooses to give us special graces and we actually begin to see and use them, the keep coming and coming. Praise Jesus, He never ceases to draw his people to him. Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony.