13 Year Old’s Shocking Near Death Experience | NDE

13 Year Old’s Shocking Near Death Experience | NDE

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In this Near Death Experience (NDE) Ishtar Ishaya (Thomas Howell) shares what occurred when he died in a motor vehicle accident with his mother at age 13. A Near-Death Experience or NDE is when anyone dies and will come again to life. A Near Death Experience (NDE) is a thing that a person never ever forgets and alterations them for good.

Entire Unedited Near Death Experience Job interview

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  1. The wounds…within the wounds are the blessings.
    Let There Be Light
    There is only light and all the manifestations that light derives.
    I too have experiences in this realm that exists in this presence that resides within one another.
    You spoke the articulation that held your mother dear, yet fully knew her release to the inherent sovereign covenant set before she arrived also held her dearly.
    Thank you for sharing the greater truth by it's magnificent degree into 'thou art the kingdom' expression of origin belonging.
    Much love to all.

  2. Why are the comments turned off for the video where the man refers to trump as the “angry man” ??? And praising Hillary Clinton??? What a load of bollocks!!! The comments are on for every other video but not for the angry man!!! So Hillary Clinton and her murderous deeds make her ok but trump the only president NOT to start any wars, made the economy thrive, is an “angry man” ??? No wonder you turned the comments off, us normal people have enough of propaganda shit on mainstream media, let alone having it on a near death video too, I’ve seen it all now!

  3. I pray to Allah directly not to fetish, inanimate, person, animals or anything, Indeed the human mind is suposed to have matured enough.


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    Think not that the disbelievers can escape in the land. Fire will be their home – a hapless journey’s end!



  4. Hey Shaman Oaks. Love your work. Thank you for all your videos but ONE. What's with the previous video with Ken Leth and his leftist propaganda? You even disabled the comments there. It is very hard for me to believe that the source and higher dimensional beings are spewing US deep state propaganda up there in heavan. I am neither left, nor right on the political spectrum. You should know that a true NDE testimony elevates us above politics. But Ken Leth, I am not saying he hasn't had an NDE and a vision, but in his testimony he is obviously using his experience to push leftist partisan ideas that are (for anyone who has done their research) simply CIA/deep state propaganda. This is embarassing.

  5. NDE w/ no explanation of why humans have dozens of different religions. What would we do without these 'amazing' NDEs?
    I keep waiting for an NDE to result in a cure for ANY medical problem. No need for a cure of a medical problem when we can be assured of "pure love".